I've conformed!

Well its done! my lacy lovelies, my pretty “over-shoulder-boulder-holders” have been consigned to my storage drawer and I’ve conformed to wearing the Genie and…Oh my!! How easy to get on, comfy too. One more change that’s had to be made.

Me too Louise. I buy them extra large so they are easy to put on. I see in one of my catalogues they even come in pretty pastels. Luckily my husband has terrible eye sight! I wear compression old lady stockings too!

Lol! I can’t even mention that word in any context (stockings) around Rob, he goes all glassy eyed lol. I wondered what he’d think of the bras, he likes them, why? Cos it looks like I’m not wearing one! Lol had to laugh :slight_smile:

Aren't guys funny?! You just never know.

And it feels like you’re not wearing one, so you’re both happy! Win-win. LOL

And it feels like you’re not wearing one, so you’re both happy! Win-win. LOL

So do they give good support?

They give good support for me. I am a 40C and usually wear underwires by Bali. But days when I am home now I wear these. Maybe some day I will wear them out and about !

I think that I own one regular bra, not even underwire. I've gone to these bras now since my kids were babies. Much more comfortable, easy to put on, etc. Plus, according to newer research, I'll sag less, since I'm not wearing overly supportive bras, nor have I ever really.

I find then much more supportive than I thought I would. My regular ones are 36F so I wasn’t sure they would be adequate but they’re fine :slight_smile: Luckily I’m not saggy and these bras hold you so you look natural.

I consigned those torture devices from hell to the trash can months ago. :) Now I wear the AhBra exclusively. (Same as a genie, but with a different name). Half the time I don't wear anything at all because the AhBra's can only be put on over the head, and sometimes I just can't lift my poor arms that high. My hubby couldn't care less, and I am all about being comfortable anymore. I usually wear a 40DD-F (depending on the bra) and everything seems to be where it belongs in the AhBras - with no uniboob syndrome. Makes me a very happy person.

I just tried some from my local supermarket which are about half the price of a Genie and they also do ones with thin straps. I find it difficult getting any of them on from the top so find it easier stepping in and pulling them up thankfully:)

:D My butt is too big to pull them up from the bottom. Working on it, but it will be awhile before it gets to the point where that will work :D :D :D

I thought mine were a pain! Some ladies here must really have back pain!

I would have loved to be smaller as they do get in the way ( could never swing a golf club to save my life) and I will let you into a weird S/E of MTX, I used to be DD it was noticed (by my partner an avid boob fan)that my boobs were getting larger although I had lost weight…sure enough on my oral MTX drug advice under very side effects is breast enlargement! Its the only explanation I could find.

Now that you mention it my girls are larger. I put it down to weight gain and post menopause but have been on mtx for 7 years.

I could never step into the Genies though. I don't have a big butt; they are just too small! Do they make an XXXXL size?

you all are hilarious! Somehow I missed the info about breast enlargement on MTX. Wonder what causes it? (From a biochemical perspective).

Anyhoo...I've always said I can't go jogging because I'd knock myself unconscious.

Yep Sybil, take the plunge! I don’t know why I didn’t change over ages ago. I actually slept with one on the other night cos I for got I had it on lol. Sainsburys do ones and I’m guessing the other supermarkets do too :slight_smile: I actually prefer the supermarket ones

QVC (qvc.com) here in America has good deals on the genies sometimes. Just thought I'd mention it...