Got too big for my britches

I was waaay slow on the uptake. Bout a month ago, I had a kidney stone and kidney infection, along with high temperature (for me, at least). That meant I was on Cipro for close to two weeks and OFF Humira for almost a month.

Took my first dose of Humira after all that 10 days ago. Didn't feel any better. Matter of fact, felt worse.

Yesterday, Debbie, my miracle worker, had trouble holding my right thumb to work on my right thumbnail and wanted to know what was going on. My thumbs and my hands had been hurting for several days but I've been really banging the keyboard and I thought it was that.

My boss and several other people at work noticed I seemed badly fatigued. I thought I was just slow recovering from the kidney troubles.

My left hip went from achy to painful to burning and throbbing. I thought I'm a human barometer.

My feet have been giving me trouble for about 10 days. Epsom salts soaks have done little. Then Himself pointed out that I've been walking like it hurts to do so (and it does).

The bionic arm has been giving me fits unlike anything since surgery 9 months ago. The physical terrorist, noticed it last week.

Fellow sufferers, notice the pattern? I didn't.

Until last night:

when I realized my feet were burning and throbbing, my hands were hurting and I wondered if I would sleep. I put it all together. Today, rheumy confirmed: kidney infection/kidney stone/temperature/not taking Humira for a month sent me into a flare.

The good news:
1. my nails did get done and I found my summer red;
2. my neck feels better after Debbie's other miracle works;
3. a wonderful rheumatologist;
4. first flare in over *9 months*;
5. tonight was Humira night;
6. doc prescribed a "booster" to help get rid of yon flare.

The eh: The med is a Medrol dose pak

The good: Two doses on board and I'm already feeling a bit better. Swelling in my feet is down; the bionic arm is MUCH better, the hip and hands are better.

Teach me to forget how insidious this disease is.....

I'm so sorry. Glad to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better already.

It is easy to miss the typical signature of a flare because symptoms come on us incrementally and many of us (me included) live in a little state you may have heard of that sounds like a river in Egypt. Thanks for reminding us that sometimes we need to look outside ourselves to see what's going on inside ourselves. Glad to know your meds are kicking butt.