Humira Week 2

Definite improvement in the second week!

My wrist still hurts sometimes if I crutch around a lot but that at least makes sense. I don’t wake up with pain shooting up my arm for no good reason.

The biggest change is in the Horrible Second Toe. It’s still reddish and swollen but it’s gone down at least 50 % in the last few days. The underside of that foot is much better, too. I still have to wear the rafting sandal with it’s adjustable straps loosened almost all the way, but I can put more weight on it now.

My left ankle still hurts. The posterior tibial tendon is torn right down the middle, so the edges are all intact but he function is terrible. The whole ankle used to be really swollen on both sides and across the top of the foot, and that’s a little better. But the pain is about the same.

As for side effects? My fingers are still a little tingly but that might not really be the Humira. Crutches can do that, too. I’m a little headachy, my appetite isn’t great. I’m feeling really tired, but then I was already tired. So, all in all not bad so far.

Next shot this weekend!

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That’s really great improvement! It’s great that you’re able to pinpoint areas of improvement. Clearly damage is not going to miraculously heal, such as the torn tendon. But even there you’re seeing some improvement.

I still think I’m better than I was, but it’s not super dramatic. My Worst Possible Toe is better, which of course I’m grateful for, but it’s a slow process.

My other ankle is much less swollen all around but still incredibly painful. In an effort to avoid foot surgery (and stopping the Humira just when I’ve started it) my foot surgeon is recommending dHACM injections, which is like microscopic grafting material that also promotes inflammation in the injection to make your body try again to heal an area that couldn’t heal properly before. Or, at least that’s what I think it is… he’s the head of podiatric surgery at UCLA so it’s probably not just dehydrated snake oil… hopefully!

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