Humira Week 1

I finally started Humira, after waiting for insurance approval and some biopsies to heal. I opted for the pre-filled syringe instead of the pen since the idea of an explosive stabbing seems worse than just a slow push on the plunger. Honestly, I felt almost nothing.

So far? My wrist was in so much pain last week that I couldn’t even raise the weight of my own hand. I couldn’t hold a cup of tea or use a mouse. Now, there’s just a little stiffness but no pain at all.

My left ankle has a torn posterior tibial tendon, so obviously that isn’t magically better with the Humira. But it’s still really swollen, beyond what the orthopedist thinks is normal. I’m in a full walking boot until we decide if it needs surgery.

My right foot has The Horrible Toe. The second toe metatarsophalangeal joint. The toe is humongous and the ball of my foot is so swollen that I can only put some weight on it if I wear a big hard arch support that transfers all the pressure to the mid-foot and heel. Keeping off my left ankle and my right foot at the same time has been… challenging.

But… there’s a teeny tiny chance that my right foot might be slightly less swollen today. Maybe. But also these symptoms kind of wax and wane anyway, so even if it is better it might not be because of the Humira. But two days ago it was the worst it’s ever been, and it’s not that bad today.

Side effects? Headache the first day, but not awful. My fingers feel a little tingly but also that might be because I’ve been crutching around with two bad feet. I’m constantly tired… but I was already constantly tired.

So, fingers crossed and clock ticking, two days into what is supposed to be a 90 day trial. I’m going to keep track here because I’ve appreciated reading about everyone’s experiences on new medications. I know enough not to expect instant results but I’m hoping to be walking again before the end of the summer!


Hello Magpie!

Sounds like there is some improvement with the Humira and here’s hoping this continues and things keep getting better. Typically, the biologics take awhile to kick in, but some of us are lucky and they start performing their magic within a few days or a week. And, believe me, it feels like magic when the pain lets up!

Good luck and keep us posted! It’s music to everyone’s ears to hear good results happening so quickly (at least with your wrist). Hopefully, you’ll notice less pain in your feet in the next several days… :slight_smile:


Hi Magpie,

I am with you on the pre-filled syringe. The pen always bruised my leg really bad. But Humira is a wonderful bio. I was taken off for some side effects that turned out to me being over prescribed a blood pressure med. I might talk to my Doctor about trying it again. Good news on you progress!

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I really do think my foot is slightly better! At first I chalked it up to wishful thinking but it seems like it might be a real (tiny, but I’ll take it) improvement!

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I’m not afraid of needles but with the pen you can’t see what’s going on so it seems scarier.

I hope you found something that has worked for you in the meanwhile. Such a bummer to be taken off a good med for the wrong reason!

Glad to see there is improvement for you. I have to say that the pre-filled pens for Benapali of late have become much more painful than they used to be. Sometimes it feels there’s a fishhook going in. I’m not sure what they’ve done!

But the biologics can work really quickly. I took mine the first time and the next day went to the shop without a stick - that’s only fifty or sixty yards away, but was a huge thing at the time.


I guess I would take a fishhook in the leg if I knew it would make a remarkable difference? But then I would see if the syringe was an option!

Overnight is crazy fast! I think I’m seeing some progress but it’s definitely a slower process.

It was quite a shock how quick it worked. Just lucky, I guess!

Interesting you say that, my last two benepali shots were oddly more painful, but the previous ones in the same batch with the same use by date weren’t. I got 8 pens at a time so all 8 were of the same batch. How did it change in the same batch though unless I totally got that wrong?

And I’m hearing others complain about it too elsewhere. Odd isn’t it? However sadly for me the two left in the box in the fridge will now most likely be thrown out since it’s official that it’s not doing anything for me anymore. Sadly they won’t for obvious reasons take back unused ones. But thank God it’s only two going to waste. I was due another delivery of 8 and managed to cancel it in time. Phew. Our NHS is strapped enough without me adding to its burden of wastefulness.