Humira Week 3-5

So… yeah. Things are better, but it’s very slow. Sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes even seems worse for a day or two.

I had a long day yesterday and my terrible second toe was swollen and reddish again. My whole ankle on the other side was swollen and puffy. I know that I have to be patient and realistic, because that leg has a lot of issues. One of which is that it seems to be partially paralyzed, but I didn’t realize that because it was immobilized in a walking boot. I have an appointment with a neurologist but of course it’s not for weeks, so in the meanwhile I’m supposed to add in gentle movement (swimming and recumbent bike) and start PT in two weeks.

In general, from the week prior to starting Humira to now, things are better and I’m grateful for that.

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Recumbent bike? I know what that is but not heard of anyone using one for PT! Interesting. Oh please do the swimming … it’s the best thing, well for me it is.

Swimming is going well! I need to use the kickboard since my leg isn’t reliable but it feels so good to be fully in motion in the water. Plus, there’s a dry sauna by the pool which is amazing. The pool at my gym isn’t attached to the rest of the building and I had actually never even seen it before!

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Good heavens! I’ve endorsed swimming about 500 times and I think you’re the first person who has ever responded with unbridled enthusiasm!

That’s just great! Do you feel kind of reborn afterwards? Sometimes I do. Envious of the sauna! Things seem to be moving in the right direction for you.

It’s funny … I don’t enjoy the actual swimming that much, but I’m totally hooked on the beneficial effects. It seems ideal for us people with PsA. I always go to the cheapo pools, I get battered by more manic swimmers, have to dodge the kids, the changing rooms are smelly sometimes … but I come out of there feeling just wonderful.

After a period of immobilisation it must feel so good!

It’s so true that the best part is just to be moving around again. I’ve built up some arm strength by crutching around but it isn’t the same as full body motion, that’s the best feeling.

My gym pool has Serious Athletes training for their next triathlon or water aerobic classes (which I may actually take, eventually) so for now I have to go during the off hours. Which is fine, I prefer the off hours for pretty much everything anyway.