I am starting Humira on Friday for PsA. I have some minimal scalp psoriasis but mainly joint pain/fatigue. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Humira? Also, in regards to exercise, I was wondering if anyone has any workout suggestions besides swimming? If so, do you have a plan.

I use Enbrel so I can’t be of much help on that one. But in terms of exercise, I walk and bike as my primary exercise. I added in weights at the gym a year plus ago. I do light weights with more reps, and make sure that I listen to my body. The stronger that I can keep my body the better my joints will move well and hurt less. I frequently do wind up needing to take breaks from different exercises if something is flaring, but that’s part of listening to my body.

Even if I had access to a pool, I find swimming painful and pool walking to be deadly boring. Maybe in a class setting. . . .

Since I can’t walk, I do flexing exercise. Put your mind to work by focusing in on each muscle group. Then just start flexing, like body builders do. I find it easier to do in the pool.

Here is a link to the Arthritis Research site and their What Sort of Exercise is Important page. There is a booklet of exercises to download and try. Alot of them overlap with yoga and pilates movements ... if that is your thing I discovered an online yoga site DoYogaWithMe which has something for everyone, even if you can only exercise sitting in a chair.

My own favourite is exercising in the pool, I have a 30 minute routine written by and overseen by a physiotherapist. In addition to this I have some strengthening and stretching exercises prescribed for me to do every day to try and help some specific issues I have in/around my knees and hips at the moment. If it wasn't for my skin issues I'd extend the hydro routine or go more often but it's a balancing act: joints vs keeping my skin happy.

I miss being able to walk far or for long and that is my goal, to get walking again. Maybe cycling too but I need to save lots and lots of pennies because I need a new bike .... a particular expensive type of bike as I have shoulder issues too.

On the Humira front, unfortunately it didn't help me and I moved on to Simponi. But in terms of what to expect, hopefully nothing as a result of the injection. Some people start to notice some subtle improvements pretty quickly and others take a bit longer but generally when a bio starts to work the effects are cummulative over time. Wishing you good luck. Keep us posted.