Humira musings

I seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern for now. Giving the Humira the full 3 months, but noticing that its effects seem to wane the second week. Today is Thursday of that week, and my hips and shoulders giving me plenty of grief. Knees and other joints are grumbling as well. Granted, it's unseasonably cold this week. And it's early morning. Still, it's unsettling to be feeling better, then be right back to pain. I will work on practicing patience today.

I'm right there with you, Papillon. Week one is easy, week two kind of blows. Let me know how that patience is coming along. I went to a 30 minute seated meditation class at lunch. It helped. A little. Roll on Friday...

That's so funny about your meditation class, because I played a Kids relaxation/meditation recording around lunchtime today in my classroom. Turned off the lights and had all my little students breathing deeply and imagining waterfalls and whatnot. (Truth: it was more for me, than them. Shhhh....)

I’m 3 shots in with Humira (after a mid delay of a week due to getting sick). First time it kicked my butt today. I too am going to give it a 3 month go. So far not impressed. Insurance changes starting January will limit options. So keeping my fingers crossed.