My 2nd Dose of Humira

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving break already! My daughter started it with a tween slumber party so I've had a house full of girls since yesterday after school got out. I just rec'd my second injection of Humira (in 14 days). Maybe I'm a "wussy" but I find it very painful! The needle doesn't hurt at all, it's the medication that feels like a fireball is shooting through my leg. I'm very excited at the thought that I might start seeing a change in how I feel. I have also just begun taking l-lysine (amino acid) after finding an interesting article that a doctor posted online.

The one improvement for me so far seems to be a slight improvement of my psoriasis!!! I guess that's the humira beginning to work. Have any of you tried using Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula? I spread it on my skin mixed with water after my shower and it seems to be softening the legions! Overall it just makes your skin silky soft.

Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Do you allow the medication to come to room temperature before injecting. The cold medication does hurt like mad. I had 6 shots of humira now and I am feeling the best I have for a long while.

Hi Allan ~ I did leave it out for about 40 minutes and it still hurt like mad :) How long do you leave it out AND how often do you take your injections? I'm glad to hear you are doing so well with the Humira, do you take anything else?

Hi Heather

I guess unless it's freezing cold where you are , 40 mins should be enough. I have a bit of padding on my tum which means I can pinch a bigger mound to inject into whereas I used to find the auto injectors stung more on my thighs which are more muscle and harder to get a good pinch of flesh. Which reminds me that the auto injectors (which inject quite fast) always hurt whereas the manual ones I use now allow me inject much more slowly and not hurt. I inject every two weeks. I also use celebrex, osteo panadol and panadol forte. I find it funny that I find my current condition using Humira as good when the same level of ongoing pain a few years ago would have seemed dreadful. Lucky we can adapt so well. I'm off for a bike ride in the rain forest which is so great to be able to do again.

I forgot to mention I researched your l-lysine and as it is good for skin and bone health as well as reducing fatigue I think I'll give it a try. thanks