Tips for Humira

Hey Everyone! So today if all my tests are clear I will be given Humira to begin taking I am really excited about starting Humira because I have been told by so many people what a huge immprovement it had on them and I am hoping for the same results while also being realistic and understanding that Humira might not work for me either way I am however super nervous about injecting myself and find the thought of doing it terrifying! so I was hoping that some of you here that are on or have been on Humira could give me tips and tricks for taking Humira or side effects you might have experienced while on Humira

Any of your stories, tips or warnings are welcomed and appreciated Thanks to all ahead of time!

Hi ....I have beeen on Humira now for just short of 4 months and the difference is brilliant ....I can move a lot better and in less pain ...... the only side affect I have had is a sore mouth apart from that... nothing. Hope you have a positive outcome

Take care

Thanks! I had my first injection today and I am really looking towards a positive outcome, the injection itself wasnt as bad as I was afarid of it being, the medicine stings but I am just worried about actually injecting myself in two weeks since the nurse did it for me today, and if a sore mouth is the only side affect I have and the rest of me is in less pain I'll take it, my mouth is already sore from the PsA so I will take that as a even trade (its also a great weight loss tool lol.....when it hurts to eat you dont eat as much)

Thanks for your msg and I am so happy that Humira is working for you!

The best tip I can give you is, take your Humira and let it sit out for about 5-10 minutes before you inject yourself, it sort of minimizes the sting.

Also, if your doc didn't have you doing it, you may want to start taking B12, folic acid, and Calcium supplements extra. It helps with absorption and slowing down the destruction of your joints, or something like that.

Best of luck!

I agree with leaving the Humira out for a few minutes before injecting. Also, make sure that the alcohol dries where you clean the injection site. Finally, make sure your doc prescribes the injector pen rather than the syringe. For whatever reason, it stings less. As a female, I will also mention that it seems to hurt a bit more when I'm closer to my period. I'm not sure if that is common, but I thought I'd share. Oh, and I always inject in my stomach. I tried my leg once and it was BAD! I was on Humira for a long time without side effects. After discontinuing for a while, I've started taking it again and I am finally starting to see some results. Seems like it's taking longer to kick in this time around, but previously I was really only treating P, although obviously it was suppressing my PsA as well. Once I stopped, I was formally diagnosed with the PsA.

Good Luck to you!

I second the B12, and folic acid. :) And also the injecting in the tummy only. The leg seems to hurt at least 3 times worse for me, haha. I have heard that some people numb the injection spot with ice before they do it and have success with that. The only side effect I've had with the biologics is a reaction to milk products. It feels like my mouth and esophagus are being burned raw when I eat/drink them which kinda sucks but its worth feeling better.

I have been on Humira for a little over a year and it has helped a great deal. It also took a few months for me before I started to really feel a difference. I don’ t know how I would manage without it now. My doctor took me off the prednisone and lowered my Methotrexate to 5 pills a week once it kicked in. I was having a time with my insurance to be able to continue the Humira, but it appears that I can continue it for another year. Hurray!! I 'm so glad to hear the tips about giving the shots in the stomach. I have not had courage to try it before,but the next time I’m going to go for it. I agree that it really stings in the thigh, even after leaving it out of the fridge before injecting it. Good luck with your treatment and give it some time, the biologics really do make a difference.

Never heard about the b12 or filmic acid, will be talking to rheumy about it! Humira works but I’m still in pain.

I'm not on Humira, but another biologic. My husband does the injection for me, and numbs it with ice beforehand (it helps quite a bit). I agree with pen vs syringe. My first shot (at the dr's office) was with a syringe, the pen seems to be a lot easier and a lot faster...and hurts much less (for me, I'm a huge baby when it comes to any shots).

I am on Humira, and waiting 10 mins to inject the med helps. However; I differ on the pen vs. syringe. I like the syringe the best. I can push the med as fast as I want to without any issues. Humira is my life saver! I went from walking with a cane (almost a walker) to going back to work as a Corrections Officer. I still have to go slow and steady (there still is pain) but I am doing so much better with Humira than without!

I've been on Humira for a couple of months now after trying Enbrel without much success. I ice the area first and take it out of the fridge 3o minutes ahead of time. I inject in my thigh and I think Humira does not sting as much as Enbrel did plus it is only every 2 weeks instead of once a week. I really don't think it is working that much differently for me though but maybe it is too soon to tell? I also take 20mg of MTX weekly (pill form) and 3mg of prednisone daily.