2nd Dose of Humira

Hope you all had a great weekend. I just rec'd my second injection of Humira (in 14 days). Maybe I'm a "wussy" but I find it very painful! The needle doesn't hurt at all, it's the medication that feels like a fireball is shooting through my leg. I'm very excited at the thought that I might start seeing a change in how I feel. I have also just begun taking l-lysine (amino acid) after finding an interesting article that a doctor posted online.

The one improvement for me so far seems to be a slight improvement of my psoriasis!!! I guess that's the humira beginning to work. Have any of you tried using Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula? I spread it on my skin mixed with water after my shower and it seems to be softening the legions! Overall it just makes your skin silky soft.

Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.



I have been on Humira now for 10 months. It has worked somewhat....I'd say 30-40% improvement from where i started. I have found that using the auto inject into the stomace was way better. No burning or sting. I was scared at first but i found out it really was not as bad as jabing it in your leg.

Well good luck! and don't give up it takes awhile for everything to start working.



Thanks for the input! It's nice to hear how ya'll are doing and getting your advice is priceless. I will try the shot in my tummy instead of my leg. Are you giving the injection to yourselves??

Yes I inject it myself. At first it takes a little geting used to but it's not all that bad!

heather said:

Thanks for the input! It's nice to hear how ya'll are doing and getting your advice is priceless. I will try the shot in my tummy instead of my leg. Are you giving the injection to yourselves??

I find injecting in the leg very painful (burning) as well. I found that when I injected in my stomach - less burn and less pain. I have always done my own injections, and have used both the pre-filled syringes and the auto-inject pens. Either way, the stomach is the least painful for me.

I take Enbrel, and I like to watch tv or something as I inject. There's no point in dwelling on how it feels, I'd rather watch Law and Order or something.

I get the same burning sensation when I inject Enbrel in my thighs, but not in my (very well-padded) stomach, so I figured that I should go for the fattest part of my leg and that does help. On the weeks when I have to inject into the not-so-padded part of my thigh, I start reciting the alphabet backwards while doing the injection so I have something to distract me from the burning. And I suspect that most of us are champions at dealing with chronic pain so what is another 15 seconds of pain! At least, that's what I tell myself before I do the injection!

Heather, I'm glad that you've found something to help with the lesions and that the Humira seems to be working for you already! May you have many pain free days (and pain-free injections!).

I put the Enbrel auto-inject in my stomach today... ouch! I got a nice stinging for my trouble. I had my pants on.. and didn't feel like stripping. Hmmm I was just thinking that in the same situation I would do it again, so I guess it wasn't that bad, but wow I was waiting for that "click"! I wanted to look at the little window but I'm always afraid that if I move my fingers, the needle will just of it's own accord pop out of my skin... that stuff is way to expensive to lose. Next week I will be telling myself that my ins company is paying $500 for me to have the experience, that ought to help.

I am on humira I found that if I take the pen out of the fridge and set up all the things required for the injection, then I apply an icepack to the area that I plan on injecting, I leave the ice on for about 15 min. By then the pen has warmed a bit and my site is very numb so I don’t have any pain at all. I was. Scared to self inject after hearing how bad it hurts but using the ice I have never expiranced any pain.