Let Us Talk About Bras

Simple question: What kind of bra do you wear? (Getting personal, I know!!)

I am having trouble finding something supportive that won't cause pain. I normally buy wire-free to cut out the under boob to rib cage pain and something soft for dry skin on my sides and shoulders. Now my problem is shoulder pain, specifically the muscles and tendons in my shoulder to neck area. The bra strap hurts, tight or loose. Anything resting there is painful. I can't place my purse or bags on my shoulders either.

I did find some sports bras that are comfortable but I can wear normal shirts over them. Neon pink and radioactive yellow? what do you wear on top of that? I'm talking about normal bras.

Most days I am bra free at home, but when I go out.... no. AND my five year old has LOTS of questions. So, help!

Believe it or not, this discussion has come up before. There were some pull on bras that were popular, but if your shoulders are a problem this might not work. You can find pullover bras in plain colors too.

Yes, this girly girl discussion has come up before and we had quite a lot of fun with it, didn’t we, Stoney? We need MichaelinVermont here: she is a connoisseur of these things! I bought some of those Genie bras that you can get pretty cheap at Walmart. They are very comfy, kind of halfway between being tied up and running free. Nice and soft, but the only problem was that I found putting it on over my head and then pulling it into place, hard on my shoulders and my hands. I actuy found doing a clasp easier. But once it was on, it was blissfully comfy, and it gave just enough control for public appearances. At the moment, I’m hooked on Soma’s wire free vanishing back bra, but they are terribly expensive. It was a holiday splurge, really extravagant for someone who usually shops at Wally’s Secret.

I wear Sloggi bras. I hope they give me commission. They seem quite supportive for pull-ons. They are comfy, quite well shaped & almost stay in place. On occasions I wear a normal bra like a normal women, whatever that is.

I have a pair of the Genie bras but prefer the Hanes bralette style. I have a few activity specific bras, but I live in the hanes ones. All sorts of awesome colors, or “typical” bra colors.

Thanks everyone! I'll search for the old post too.

Seenie, I also use Soma bras. They are very comfortable... maybe I should try the vanishing back then. Maybe just moving the strap.

Yes, I can see how getting the thing over your head hurts. I have a few sports bras like this. I feel like I ran a race after getting the thing on!

I am zaftig, to put it politely, so sports bras are out. I've been in search of front closure bras since I had my shoulder surgery two years ago today. Still no luck. Then again, I'm just in search of a good bra period--the last two I've worn, like and was comfortable in were discontinued (natch). I truly dislike bra makers and their disregard of the more, um, well-endowed.

I've lost 50 pounds--perhaps I need to measure and try with whatever the new numbers (I HOPE!) are.

The best thing about bras is taking them off. For comfort. Just as soon as I close the front door in the evening I whip the damn thing off. I used to be able to remove my bra while driving on my way home from work. And if I'm feeling generally uncomfortable in my own skin I'll go au natural anyway. I mean .... I've got a saggy face which might not be too pretty, but nobody expects me to tape it up. Runners might need 'em, but not office workers etc., not really.

Haha, Sybil. I would like to see that! Driving while taking off your bra. That should be a sport!!!!

I eventually conformed to wearing comfy bras as opposed to pretty ones. I now wear the genie type bras but find the supermarket own brands more comfortable than the “named” brands. I wear sports bras too but again only from a supermarket as they make them for larger boobs. Biggest plus for alot of the genie type bras is that I can pull them up, which is great when my shoulders are bad.

Hi all. This a subject close to my heart <3 heeheehee. I buy Lilyette for going out of the house and they are super expensive but I found an outlet store newer me that has the style I favor. I did get measured at a fancy store and was very surprised to find I was a 40c. I had been a 36B all my life. Apparently I have a lot of changes to my rib cage thanks to PSA and larger cup size due to mtx. I was so surprised how much more comfortable in the right size bra. I do have problems under my breasts with psoriasis if I wear a bra too many days in a row so then I wear the Geenie or Hanes bra letters or let the girls free (preferably when my son is not home. I seem to embarrass the 21 year old if I am bouncing around too much! I get p wear ever I get anything rubbing like my wedding ring. I have to take breaks from that too. Sorry about my spelling errors. I find it impossible to correct on a tablet. I assume since I am so sensitive to the Koebner effect on my skin that it happens to my joints also. Everywhere I had osteoarthritis seems to have changed to PSA.

Well, MichaelinVermont, there’s another thing we have in common! LOL

I ordered a set of the Geenie bras but haven't given them a go yet. I'll keep ya posted :)

So it is true what they say about Mtx. Hasn't worked for me. Though a male friend turned it down for fear of turning into Dolly Parton. I do not actually think that does happen to men.

Alright people. I have tried both the Genie bras and the Soma wire free vanishing back bra. They are both great bras for our conditions. The Genie bra is great for daytime and around the house. I wouldn't go walking in it myself, due to all the bouncing. The Soma bra is very comfortable but pricey. I would say these are investment bras. They are great for the figure and support. I would use these are dressing it up bras or evening bras. Though, I have worn them under t-shirt and it was just fine.

Thanks everyone!

LOL, amielynn, you provided my morning smile! I would hazard a guess that this is the only Ben’s Friends site with a consumer review of bras on it. LOL Wonderful! And the bottom line is, so useful! (Aside from the fact that you now have the exact same bra wardrobe that I have.)

Haha. Nice! We are bra twins :)

Well I figured I could give them a try and let you all know. It has helped a bit with my shoulder pain as well.