When do you take your MTX?

For those on methotrexate, what day of the week (or time of day) do you take it? I'm on 8 pills every Tues a.m. I find Wed/Thur to be tough with migraines, nausea and fatigue. With my Enbrel shot on Sat, I hate to push those together but is it better to be sick on the wkend for those of us working M-F?


When I first started MTX 11 years ago it made me feel "bad" for about 24 hours. A little queasy, but nothing else. Now, here's the funny part of my comment. At that particular time I really hated my job. Hate, hate, hated it! So, I would take my MTX on Sunday nights because it really didn't matter if I was sick on Monday or not. I was already miserable at work....lol!

My mild reaction to MTX only lasted a few months. Eleven years later I have no problems at all with it. Stay the course!

thanks. Have been on MTX for 6 months. the side effects subsided after a few months on 6 pills. Now on 8 pills and side effects again. Not awful but not fun.

I agree with you! I don't want to feel awful on my weekend as long as I can function well at work!


I started Mtx last year and have always taken it on Saturdays and very early in the morning 6 am. I did it so that I wouldn’t have worry about it during the week with everything else that I have to do. I’ve never had any side effects. I started Enbrel about 5 months ago on Saturdays also for the same reason but I did have side effects and was thankful that I was at home being able to rest. Not that I can’t wait to go to work but I have to do it and would rather not be miserable when I’m working. :slight_smile:

I take mine on Thursday nights. I inject 22.5 mg into my tummy. I have no side effects but when I first started it I did feel like I had the flu, slightly queasy tummy and did not want to be around food, chills and exhaustion for 24 hours or so. I remember also my rheumatologist would increase the dose slowly and with each increase I would revisit the s/e again but would quickly acclimate to it. Until I hit 15 mg a week I took it orally after 15 mg a week I injected it and had much s/e with injecting it. I do not know how long it took for me to have no s/e as PsA has made me feel worse than any med I have tried so far!

My MTX was discontinued since my liver enzymes were elevated after 4 weeks. I took it on Thursdays and took the Enbrel injection on Sunday. That worked for me.

I take 8 pills too and I picked Saturday night (10-11pm). The first year I never felt any side effects but lately I've been getting bad headaches and I feel sick within 10 minutes of taking the pills. But since I take it prior to going to bed I just fall asleep and by morning I feel fine. My headaches started about 2 months ago and always happen Sunday afternoon. Not sure if it's a result of the pills or not?

Could also be the fact I've been on Leflumomede for the past 5 months? I take my Leflumomede at night also.

i take my mtx on mon but the pills were iust 2 much 4 my stomach! the first 3 wks was so rough on my system but everything got better except my stomach.i just seen the rhemy mon am and went on the shot.hes says its much easier on ur system and it did seem like my stomach was as bad but the fatige has been.hopefully that’ll get better.maybe u should talk 2 ur rhemy about switching u.