Usually not so slow...Oral MTX question

I am usually not so slow; but just realized after reading som of the posts, that the reason I never feel well on Sunday is that is my MTX day. I am always nauseaus and feel wrung out on Sundays. So my question is...does anyone take their MTX at night instead of in the morning when it makes you feel yuk for the whole day? TIA


Doc told me to take MTX on Friday evening, so that I would have the weekend to feel bad and it wouldn't interfere with work. Unfortunately, so far at least for me, this has been the pattern. She said taking it at night would let me sleep through the nausea, which may be working because I never had nausea with the MTX. But I feel dragged out all Saturday and Sunday. I also have other GI issues from MTX. She suggested switching to injections which would be less likely to cause GI trouble. Sorry you are having side FX from the MTX. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Hope you are have a better day tomorrow!

Hi Alma…i switched to injectable MTX to cut down nausea and vomiting. Still felt wiped out but not as bad as i was when taking tablet. Also, Rheumy increased my folic acid to everyday except day i took MTX. At the hospital where i’m a nurse the docs advise kids to take theirs in evening (Fri) to lessen nausea and so they don’t miss school. Good luck

Thank you all for the suggestions. Luckily the general yuk feeling is diminshing by Monday morn so I guess I will stay with the routine for now. But I will ask about the injectible at my next appt in Jan. hoping it is not really expensive.

Hi Alma,

My two cents on taking MTX is to be *really* well hydrated. Drink lots of water the day before, the day of and the day after taking it. I found that this has cleared up all the side effects that I had when I started MTX. I had some mild/moderate GI issues (thankfully no vomiting), headachy and general yucky feeling and drinking lots of water helped a lot. I hope you find a way to lessen the "yuk effect"!


I’m going to my hospital appt tommorow and my rheumatologist is very anxious for me to go onto methotrexate after my latest MRI. I’ve heard the injections cause less side effects so I think I’m going to insist on this rather than oral but I’m nervous about side effects to say the least. Having 3 children to take care of by myself I can do without feeling worse than I do already. :frowning:

Yes, it was recommended that I take it at night and always have. I often still feel a little off the next day, but it usually cuts down on side effects.


Thanks Carly...I am going to try switching to taking at night and see what happens.

Carly said:

Yes, it was recommended that I take it at night and always have. I often still feel a little off the next day, but it usually cuts down on side effects.


Thanks to you guys-- I took my MTX at night on Saturday and did much better than when I took it in the daytime!

Really good news…glad it helped :slight_smile:


I have a big fear of not being able to walk but the MTX was taking my head away - and it lasted longer than just the weekend and I couldn't bare that. I spend a lot of time studying and it just got harder and harder to retain info and I was just passing courses instead of doing really well in them. I also have a business to run which I'd just been kind of watching instead of actually DOING - luckily it seemed to get along without much input from me but it could have done better. Between still being in pain anyway and having little interest in anything it's been a battle to stay awake and take notice of anything much - until I realised that it was all the drug and I remembered that I used to be a good bit more alert. I figured that as I still lived with pain 24/7 while on the drug I may as well have pain but be able to use my head so I came off it.

On this coming Friday I'll have been off MTX for 22 weeks and, keeping up with the supplements and the anti-inflam diet, I'm not doing so bad - less pain than before and I can stay awake. I need to really keep up with the diet stuff - I keep getting a little complacent then I'll get that crushing sensation creeping back into my ankle/foot and I remember and have to do a quick review on what I've eaten and what I should be eating. Occasionally I've had to take Arcoxia when I think it's going to build into something that will keep me off my feet but that's not even been every month. I really do think I put PsA into remission. Even without coming off MTX it's worth a try - I started the diet and supplements before coming off (for about a month) and as the pain eased I found the courage to throw the tablets away and see what happened. Up to now its been wonderful to have NO PAIN and a clear head. It certainly doesn't hurt to try it.

tkrlady said:

myself, i wasn';t too afraid of the side affects, but afraid of not being able to walk....

wish they would find a cure ASAP!

OK, this week I tried the hydrating the day before/of/after my made a big difference in how I felt. I usually drink a lot of water anyway but increased my amount those 3 days. Still have a little of the blah feeling but not near as bad as it had been. Thank you for that suggestion.

Also, the other side effects I am not too worried about either. My hair is thinner than it used to be and I have all but lost the natural waviness, but that is ok too. Something new to enjoy about myself. With the MTX I can more a little more freely and that is huge for me. I only look 75 when I get up instead of 95 ( I am 54).

So, I will continue the MTX and Plaquenil for now as it seems to be the best combo for me at this point. Thank you all for your suggestions.