I was wondering when is a good time to take the MTX I take it once a week and last week was my 2nd dose and the dr made me skip it because I was getting a cold. I was thinking around lunchtime on Friday? I can’t wait to get this going already I am tired of feeling awful! I know it may not work but I need hope!!! Thanks

I take mine in the evening after dinner.

I had to divide my doses into twice a week since my stomach didnt like 20mg at a time. I take both weekly doses with my other meds at bedtime. That way I sleep thru some of the side effects and crappy feeling.

I'd also l like to add that I'm taking folic acid every day other then MTX day. Has your doctor recommended folic acid? I also started with pills and switched to injections and found the injections helped with the side effects. Good luck :-)

I also take mine in the evening with dinner... The pharmacist recommended this when I was struggling with nausea with all the changes in my medications... Really helps taking it at night.

I take the pills, 6 per week, divided into two doses. I take them Thursday night and Friday morning. It didn't take long for my body to adjust to the medication. I don't have nausea anymore. I also take folic acid, 1 daily, increasing to 2, for a total of 10. I guess every Dr. is different. Mine has never had me stop any of my medication for any illness and I seem to do alright. Give your Dr. a call and ask if it is ok for you to start taking the MTX again.

I take mine mid day so when it really starts to kick in it's about time for bed for me. I used to take it at night right before bed, but I found taking it mid day is much better for me. Good luck to you

I'm like Livingday2day, for my body MTX doesn't bother my stomach too much, but it takes quite a few hours to kick in and cause grogginess and fatigue. It also makes my pain worse, but that peaks maybe 8-16 hours after I take it. I learned therefore to take it during the afternoon, and expect to be groggy in the evening, but at least I can sleep through the worsened pain.

Thank all you very much for explaining the timings between your divided doses. Now I can ask my rheumy if such a schedule is right for me.