Looking for opinions of Methotrexate

Just saw my rheumatologist and he wants me to start Methotrexate injections to help with the joint pain I’ve been feeling. I was hoping to hear from others members who have used this medication as to their experience with it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

MTX injections are often better tolerated than taking MTX orally.

It is necessary to take prescription folic acid when taking MTX to help with side effects.

If you are planning to become pregnant in the next few years, you want to be aware that MTX takes a long time to flush out of the system, and can cause serious birth defects.

Hi! I took MTX for a few months. As Marietta says, I switched to injection MTX as I couldn't get over the nausea from the pills. Ultimately I ended up moving from MTX to Enbrel because I just couldn't hack the MTX. It caused very significant fatigue. Even the injection taken once a week (and we tried a variety of doses) rendered me pretty much catatonic the next day (Sunday). It was a miracle if I got out of bed before 3:00pm. Anyway, my rheumatologist agreed that it was no way to live and that I had given MTX the "good college try" as required by insurance.

I need to add, though, that my experience is just one among many. Several of our members have been on and continue to take MTX and they tolerate the side effects far better. Different strokes...

I am not a fan of MTX. I spent my two months hunched over a toilet. Drinking while on MTX is no no. Just keep that in mind

I started MTX in late July. I am now on 20 mg a week, and I take it in 2 divided doses (tuesday and friday) due to side effects. So now i just feel like crap all the time instead of being violently ill for a few days. According to my last visit, I ill probably be given the option of Embrel or Humera on my next visit since so far MTX is not working for me.

My dad also has PsA (thanks dad), and he said when he was first diagnosed they had him on MTX. It was very helpful for him and he suffered no side effects. He was on it for quite a while when they changed and put him on Embrel. Labs and XRays showed the PsA was not under enough control and he was still suffering joint damage.

Good luck with your continued quest for a diagnosis. I had trouble in the beginning myself. FYI...mtx didn't go over well with me either. Had to go off of it.

Hi Amanda. I take Methotrexate orally. I did have trouble with it in the beginning...my hair started falling out. Once I stopped putting chemicals in my hair, like relaxers, my hair stopped falling out. I usually experience exhaustion the day I take it as well.