Warm community welcome to you, FaithCrump!

Hi there @FaithCrump, and welcome to the patient support board for Psoriatic Arthritis. I’m Julie, an intern from the Ben’s Friends intern team, and I hope that you’ve been able to find some use reading up on how others with PsA have handled getting diagnosed and everything that comes after. If you have any questions, the magnifying glass near the top of the webpage will let you search keywords, topics, and past conversations to see if there’s already a discussion about your question, or click the +New Topic button to ask your fellow members for their thoughts. The mod community is also here to help you with anything you may need with navigating the website, feel free to click on my or any mod’s icon and then ‘Message’ to send a private message. We’re here to help!

To start off, would you like to try posting a short introduction to your peers? We would be glad to hear how you have been doing lately!