Hi Jackie, Welcome!

Hi @chahoua76 , and welcome to the Psoriatic Arthritis patient support board. It’s good to see you’ve found us! As someone who’s been diagnosed for most of their life we’d love to hear your story and experiences. For many of our members it’s been a new trip getting diagnosed with PsA but there are also many who have also had their diagnosis for many years. Hopefully you’ll be able to make a connection with others who know the struggle of having such a multi-faceted condition.

If you’re feeling up to it, why not start with an introduction to let us know how you’ve been doing lately? I can see you’ve already spent some time looking through some topics but this community isn’t just about posting info for others to read – it’s about the conversation!

The other mods (members with a shield next to their name) and I are happy to help with anything you might need to navigate this website. Hope you’ll enjoy your time connecting with other patients here, and welcome again to the PsA community!

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