Hi Christine, Welcome!

Hi there @nursetree and welcome to the Psoriatic Arthritis patient support board. Although a PsA diagnosis can be pretty stressful, I’m glad that you were able to join us!

We have lots of other members here who have either been diagnosed themselves or are here to learn more about a condition one of their loved ones has (like you!). As such we hope you feel welcome to ask any questions you might have. Our general category is a great place to open up any discussions, but we also have many other categories for more specific topics, especially if you’re just browsing through past conversations.

I think that one you might find interesting is the complementary therapy category, where other members discuss and ask about additional things they’ve been able to do to help with their PsA symptoms. Of course things may vary from patient to patient, but definitely something to read more about while going through the process of finding a standard medication that brings more help than harm.

Looking forward to hearing what’s been on your mind and any experiences you’d like to share! Let me know if you need any help navigating the website, and welcome again to the PsA patient support forum!