Welcome Ken from Tennessee!

Hi there @Khill243, and welcome to the Living with Psoriatic Arthritis patient support board. I’m Julie, a Ben’s Friends intern, and I’m glad that you were able to find us. If you’d like to see what other members have been talking about most recently, try taking a look through the right side of our home page for our most recent posts. There are several categories for discussion on the left that you’re more than welcome to join in on. A lot of members join this board with plenty of questions about PsA, so we’re grateful for your insight as someone who has lived with PsA for a while now. This community is as much about helping others with their questions as it is about hearing your story and providing our insight to you! If you have something on your mind, click the ‘+New Topic’ button at the top of the page and we’ll be glad to help however we can.

If you have any questions about how to use the website or getting involved with the community, feel free to message me or any of the other moderators (members with a shield next to their name). Best wishes to you, and welcome again to the Living with PsA community!