Let's welcome Pam from South Carolina!

Hi there @Gipsy , and welcome to the psoriatic patient support community. I saw from your profile that you’ve been dealing with symptoms for quite some time before getting diagnosed finally. How have you been feeling lately?

I’m glad that you found us if you are looking for others who have similar symptoms and diagnoses – that’s a huge reason why many of our members joined and we’re happy to connect and share insights from the patient’s point of view. If you haven’t already, it may be a good start to see the different categories for discussion we have listed on our home page. The right of the page also shows a bit of preview for the most recent discussions, feel free to jump right in or start a thread of your own if you’d like to start talking about something different.

We’re here for you, and I hope you’ll find some helpful pointers while you’re here. If there’s anything you need in regards to the website, definitely feel free to reach out to me (or any other member with a shield next to their name) and we’ll be happy to help. Welcome again to the PsA patient community!

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