Hello Calum, Welcome!

Hi @calum74 , and welcome to the psoriatic arthritis patient support board. I’m Julie, one of the interns at BensFriends here to get you comfortable with our community.

How have you been feeling lately? I saw from your profile that you were recently diagnosed - definitely something that you probably have a lot of questions about. Although we’re not doctors, this community has plenty of others who can listen to your story and share their insight as patients with a similar condition.

A little unrelated, but I’d love to know more about your hobby you mentioned in your profile - how long have you been playing piano for? As a piano player myself I’ve always appreciated how well the sound of a piano can fill the room as just one instrument. Are you more of a classical player, or into the more modern pieces?

Would love to hear you share your experiences some time when you’re feeling like updating us on your treatment path. If you have any questions or would like other patients’ opinions, please feel free to start a discussion!

PsA can be a pretty daunting diagnosis especially when it feels like we might lose something we hold near and dear. We’re all here to support you, and are glad you were able to find us. Welcome again to the PsA patient support group!