Viral Sickness- How do you handle it?

Hello friends.

So, sickness. The viral kind. You don't get an antibiotic because it will not help. No fever. But, SICK! Mostly cold related symptoms. What do you do to get through and get better? I am 1.5 weeks into this illness and it's just staying the same. Not better, and thankfully, not worse. I have medicines, a humidifier, and more medicine. I can tell my immune system it a bit slow on this one.

Also, the illness makes the PsA worse. It's like the team up to bring me down!!

So, what do you do when you feel sick?

(not looking for suggestions, just starting a conversation to get through the hard times)

I'm a big fan of heat when I don't feel well. When I'm feverish and feel chilled, I especially like my electric blanket. I also try to lay in "zero gravity" position, reclined with upper body elevated and something under my knees. The heat also helps my body aches. I also try to stay hydrated, I like gatorade mixed with water over ice, that way its not so strong but plain water doesn't sound good to me when I'm sick.

Amielynn, I had two "cold" viruses last winter that each lasted 5 weeks. One was a sinus thing and the other a chest cold. During the times I had these viruses, I'd delay my Enbrel shots, so during the 5-weeks I probably had 3 shots. I was so worried whatever I had would get really bad, but it never did--it just annoyingly wouldn't give up. When I had the cough I messaged my doctor and she wanted to give me prednisone and an antibiotic, but I decided not to take anything--I'm not too easily persuaded to take medicine. I sometimes think it's good for my immune system do the job.

I've noticed that sometimes when I'm fighting a "bug" my PsA usually backs off and I have less pain. :-)

My daughter's next door neighbors have Type A flu--5 out of a family of 8 tested positive today! They all had the flu shot a few months ago! Another neighbor's 7-year old also has it and he had the flu shot. These are the only people we've heard of who had the flu so far this season. My daughter works in a small hospital and they haven't had any flu patients yet.

Mel, Yes. Must have heating blanket! Since I am up and about most of the day, I turn up the heat in the house. Helps my joints too!

Grandma, I think you need to move!! Maybe vacation time?

We have cases of the flu here. My hubs is a pharmacist. So, he sees the flu cases first hand. I wish my PsA would take a back seat to sickness. it's just the opposite. They team up to bring me down!! I have started a new book, Pillars Of Earth, and just finished a scarf. So, I try to keep busy. My little one is dying to get out of the house. Might have to brave the park today. It's 29 degrees F outside.

I'm just getting over being more ill from a cold than I have been in years. The pain from coughing was the worst.

What works for me is:
- plenty of rest, but also taking a walk around the house every time I get up to use the bathroom or get food...if I don't move enough, the pain is worse
- heat on my back and neck while I rest
- tea ... lots and lots of tea
- water ... plenty of this also, as keeping hydrated is key

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Thanks nym. Feeling much better now. Just in time for allergies!! :)

I also drink lots and lots of tea. Helps my soul. Hope you are fully recovered soon.