Upper leg pain

Anyone suffer from inner thigh pain? It seems a tendon on the inside of my thigh where it attachs to the groin has suddenly decided to become inflammed. As always when a new issue arises it starts out incredibly painful and is making me just hobble since the weekend. I’m using ice as much as I can and anti-inflammtories and pain killers but it’s taking its time to settle even just a bit. It’s also in right leg and my left hip has erosions anyway so between the pair of them, it’s rather difficult as I can’t ‘lead’ with my right leg anymore. Feeling really fed frankly.

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ouch poo. sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. i’ve never had that particular tendon issue but tendons are a hot spot for me. i’ve injured a couple while not doing anything that could really injure them, other than using them! so i do know the pain and frustration and how tough they are to heal. rest, ice, rest, ice is pretty much the advice i’ve gotten. is it possible to stay off it (i mean as much as is practical). when i tore my knee i had to lecture sitting down or perched on the end of a table to keep the knee straight (it was braced). it was a pain in the kiester and i had to wear that brace for 6 weeks.

sometimes an injury to one body part (your right hip for example) can throw off our gait and anatomy enough to stress out other muscles and tendons enough to cause injury. some intense physical therapy might be in order. i got hydrotherapy for a few months over two consecutive winters to keep things moving, particularly my hip tendons which had gotten so tight sitting and walking hurt. it might well be a worth another visit to your gp to talk this over.

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Thats a pretty classic PsA symptom. The main Reason it happens with PsA patients is WAIT FOR IT, gall bladder issues (usually medication issues look for some slightly elevated liver numbers) Its called IT Band Pain caused byi nflammation of the iliotibial (IT) band. (don’t assume tendon, thats actually pretty rare with PsA) IT Band is most prevelent in the right BTW. PT and Diet usually fixes it.

Some of these issues can also be found by looking at the ratio of your HDL and LDL. An optimal ratio is less than 3.5-to-1. PsA patients may have normal levels of cholesterol or one may be off wack, but a less than great ratio overworks your liver/gall bladder causing gut aches and especially IT band pain…

My grand-daughter is one of them I can’t tell you how many scans of gall bladder etc she has had… Keep her on her diet and exercising and the problem disappears pretty quickly. But being 18 and wanting to live on junk food and a dedicated life to her tab/phone, she hurts a lot - unnecessarily.

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Thanks tntlamb. Gosh, I’ve no gut ache at all and my cholesterol has never been tested so I’ve no idea what it is. However doesn’t the iliotibial band run along the outside of your thigh? The classic runners’ issue when they think it’s their knee? I’m certainly no runner though. :slightly_smiling_face: All my pain is on the inside of the thigh where it meets my groin/crutch. A rather delicate place to put it mildly and sort of hard to describe but basically where my inner thigh meets my lady’s bits. And then the muscle on the top front of my thigh is tight and sore which I think is just painful trying to cope with the inner thigh pain issues. Could gall bladder issues affect there?

Thank you. I think I will try and see my GP tomorrow and see what he or she says. Everything is tensing up as yes everything is now thrown out of whack for too long.

Yup inside

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What sort of diet is your granddaughter supposed to follow tntlamb?

Yes and no. Its starts at the iliac crest and ends at the tibia where it runs parallel across the knee to stabilize the knee. Its likely that’s where the pain starts and radiates either direction (inside or outside the thigh)Its compensated by the Hip adductors which are in the inner thigh. They get weak and spastic when the Gall Bladder is misbehaving. This muscle group is much different in women because of the female parts and is especially worked during child birth and “recreational activities” its way different anatomy. Think of the ouch going into the “stirrups” If you are or were subject to PMS, this is one of the causes. What happens is The GB receives toxins from the liver and delivers them to the small intestine to help digest fats with bile. Toxins and/or wheat can congest the bile causing pain in these groups as well as dry skin on the heals and possibly right sided headaches.The GB even has emotional paradigms like anger, frustration or resentment that can be stored and congest its optimal function.

We have plenty of toxins (we take a lot of meds) so other things like wheat and especially artificial sweeteners (aspartame) Trigger foods like many different grains, corn or dairy often trigger pain. So the diet is essentially “if it tastes good spit it out” Seriously though it is:

~Get appropriate sleep

~Don’t skip meals. Eat frequent, small meals.

~Balance intense physical training with cardiovascular based low intensity training.

~Minimize sugar/simple carbohydrate consumption

The other big issue is if you are taking MTX, folic acid may not be enough, you may need a B6 supplement as well… Don’t undestimate Beets.
There are some therapeutic points that may give you some relief while trying to ID the true cause. IT band pain rollerThere is a very common acupuncture point named LI4 (pictured) on the thumb web which will be tender when active. Firm rubbing on the side of pain will often give some temporary relief of pain IT band pain or even head band pattern headaches


The popular rolling of the hip (pictured) also is a reflex area that helps to relax the colon and can improve these areas:

You might also look at Kegel exercises:

I really have tried to be delicate too…


You’ve made me laugh Mr Lamb given your last sentence. Thank you for that (that smile was so needed) and moreover thank you for all of this information - wow. The deep awful almost stinging pain in deep in the inside of the thigh probably nearer the pubis than anywhere else. The abductor muscle (I assume it’s that) on the inside of thigh but nearer the front spasms and literally makes me cry out with a blinding searing pain if I use it as in try to bring my leg in from the side. I can only walk in tiny steps with my leg pretty much straight. Tramadol and Naproxen are doing little.

I failed injectible mxt sadly. But was taking folic acid daily other than the two days I took the injections. I was just about to start Sulfalazine but was waiting for the weekend to start it, when this all happened. I’m very anxious about my phobia of vomiting and dry heaving so I’ve been fussing about anti-emetics - thought the first one the GP prescribed was too strong with too many side effects which also scared me worse than than the sulfalazine and only got some others prescribed this week. Basically though I’m sh*t scared of throwing up, feeling nauseous or dry heaving. Potentially I don’t need anti-emetics at all but probably some valium!

A week ago I ran up the stairs in a panic looking for my elderly cat - he was missing and I had just buried his brother a few days previously, having had to put him to sleep. I know I strained something then just a bit as I’ve led with my right leg for over a year now given my left hip is painful (nothing like this) obviously due to the beginnings of these erosions. Over the next few days it hurt sometimes and didn’t hurt other times. But I could manage a short walk (less than a mile) with the dog on Monday.

After that it has just got steadily and steadily worse. I barely slept last night and truly struggled to get out of bed and downstairs this morning. I called my GP and told them what was going on and indeed what you had said last night. They got the nurse to come out and take blood for tests since I literally couldn’t go and see them. So really just waiting for that which hopefully I’ll know tomorrow. Otherwise they simply increased the strength of the Tramadol so we’ll see if that makes difference - I doubt it unless I take more than I should.

I’ve also left a message for my rheumatolgist nurse team to call me back - thay haven’t done so yet so I assume they will tomorrow.

The webs of thumbs don’t seem particular tender but I have dry skin on my heels (always put that down to having drier skin due to my previous skin psoriasis than anything else) and I have been suffering headaches - basically they haven’t really gone away since they came with the mxt.

I’ll look into all these exercises - I instinctively did the hip roll in bed last night - it helped for a bit too. Otherwise I’m living a truly boring life presently.

Again a huge thank you for all this.

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This has been my breakfast each day this week. A beet, blueberry and raspberry smoothie! No color-correcting filter added.

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@trust_level_0 Learn All about Beets

So both of you what’s with the beets? We have ‘sugar’ beets in the UK to make sugar that you spoon into your coffee or tea or put on your raspberries, mstrawberries or gooseberries or bake in a cake etc. Instead of cane sugar. We also have mangolds which feed cows, pigs and sheep. So if sugar is our ‘enemy’ what’s with the beets?

Beets reduce bloood pressure - I know that. I grew them from seed for many years and actually love fresh roasted beetroot. Even grew the stripey stuff. White and red stripes. Very special. Haven’t eaten fresh beetroot for a while though, since I stopped growing it and doing a veg a garden since I had my bunion operation in 2015 and got PsA as a result of that. Yes really. Couldn’t garden like that anymore due to such huge pain in my feet etc etc etc etc and everywhere else then too to include initially hands. Felled me on the gardening front frankly. Sadly too.

And incidentally can’t do mushy food either, like smoothies, mashed food or creamed food. Makes it too like baby vomit or adult vomit etc etc etc. I so have such a seriously awful phobia of vomit or anything resembling it. Loved the colour Jane ( I will dye my hair purple one day, when I’m old enough to not care anymore) but hated it was pureed beet or any mushy food.

Does that make me odd? I guess so.

beetroots = beets in the US. When they are in season here I roast a few pounds every weekend and then eat them throughout the week. I prefer the traditional red to the golden ones. I like them with vinaigrette, with cottage cheese and, as I have this week, in a smoothie or juiced.

This is my first post in probably two years, but IT Band Syndrome, causing the excruciating pain running the length of my outer left thigh, is too near and dear to my heart NOT to add my two cents into this discussion. PsA is a formidable enemy, as we all know, but after reading Lamb’s thorough explanation of treatments, I agree 100% that properly demonstrated and executed physical therapy is the only treatment that has given me any relief. I take Mtx and Stelara for my PsA but can’t tolerate any type of anti-inflammatory medication. Pain relievers also don’t make a dent in the pain, so a regular schedule of PT exercises is the only option. When I let up on them, I pay for it by triggering greater trochanter bursitis, which is infinitely more painful than the IT band inflammation. The only fix for that is a steroid injection into the bursa. I hadn’t heard about the healing properties of beets, but I will definitely add them to my diet. ANYTHING that offers any hope at all is worth trying!

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Beets me, Poo.


Part of the beets puzzle is that “someone” has been experimenting with what happens if they key in (at)trust_level_0. (My advice is: don’t do it. LOL)

Hey Swede, how are things with you? So glad you piped up! How are the feet these days?

Have you been lurking all this time, or what inspired you to drop in again?

We’re glad to see you again.

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Well, on the scale of harmless things to spam everyone about, beets can’t be beaten :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks guys for the giggles. How on earth my upper leg pain degenerated into beets is beyond me but it made me laugh. And that ‘beets’ crying any day!:grinning: