Groin and lower back pain with PsA

Hi I have a tight heavy feeling in my groin area, feels like im tensing my muscles, yet im not, also low back pain which goes into my hips and down my legs. Does anyone else have this???

Me again! I have had groin/hip/back ache on my right hand side. As my right knee and right ankle are extremely inflamed at the mo I assumed it was muscular as I am limping and therefore purring other joints under stress. Are you suffering with your knees/ankles etc? Could it be muscular rather than joint based?

Hi lol, well my knees are and have been for ages, extremely painful, esp the surrounding area, my legs do feel shakey like theyre going to give way, if I stand in the shower or stand still. The groin problem is more of a heavy/tightness rather than a pain as such??? as I say like im trying to squeeze my bum cheeks in lol. The lower back hurts though and my thighs.I dont know hun Its so life changing getting this diagnosis, any pain I get Im thinking is it due to that lol.

I know what you mean - you get a bit paranoid don't you? I was agonising about another pain I had in my other knee thinking I was about to have a flare and then remembered I'd knocked it on a table and it was just a simple bruise...

I have been dealing with an inflamede left knee and limping and today my lower back and left hip were really hurting. I was thinking the same thing, am I having another PsA issue or is this a pain from shifting my weight from limping. The one thing that came to mind was that it would prolbably be the right side that was stressed from limping on the opposite side. Since it is the same side I was leaning toward (sorry, had to...) PsA.