New Symptom

Have appointment the end of the month with Dr. for PsA but I'm thinking about calling to see if I can get some answer to why I have a searing pain in my right thigh. It reminds me of the jabbing pain I get in my feet but it goes deep and along the length of my thigh. Anyone else had ths unpleasant pain?

I'd forgotten about that. I had that for a few weeks and then it went away and apparently left my mind as well. LOL. I think at one point I described it to my husband as feeling like my leg was being filleted with a searing hot knife. I have no idea what it is, though. So sorry you're adding this to your mix of symptoms.

Hi Yvonne

Sounds very similar to an excruciating pain i had just about 2 years ago. It also was in the upper thigh area. Question for you, do you take statins at all like Crestor Or Lipitor? I get some of my meds from the VA and it's mostly generic. And turns out the culprit was the statin meds. And they can cause great pain in the upper thighs and legs in some people. If you can ask your Doc. That particular question maybe it saves you some pain.