Pain in the ischial tuberosities or PITA

For the past couple of weeks my ischial tuberosites (the places where your hamstrings attach to your pelvis) have been really bugging me. The pain and stiffness is definitely not exercise related nor has my daily routine changed. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I have so many pains in the arse I did not know you could name them LOL No really .... I have to stretch out my hamstrings daily. It is like they never ever get stretched. All PsA.

I have had enthesitis at the sacral tuberous ligaments both sides. Think sitz bones. Not condusive to walking either. That's all I can add for you.

I would hazzard a guess it is all PsA. Can you get checked out by a physio? RMT? google it? hmmm this sounds like a good google item. Will get back to youif I find any interesting tidbits

good luck

I also have very inflamed tendons throughout the area. I t shows up on an MRI. I don't know if they are ischial tuberosities or not. I call them my perionial tendons. My SI joint on the right as well as the tendons on the inside of my thigh/groin area. They are miserable at times. I find gentle stretching and whirl pool work the best. I also decrease standing and sitting when they are bad and sit with my feet up a lot. I have tried Salonpas there which does work but you have to be very careful there with anything with menthol/camphor in it!

I'm pretty sure it's all part of my psa...I was just curious if anyone else experienced it. Fortunately, I'll be starting on a biologic in January and hopefully that'll calm things down a bit. I'd be starting it sooner but I'm having some work done on my ankle mid November. I told my wife that I wasn't going to have any surgery this year...I should have known better.

My Rheumy told me it is part of PsA. She also indicated that the peritoneal tendons and the achilles tendons were "hallmarks" of the disease. She said when she sees significant inflammation in those 2 areas she knows it is PsA. She also told me to stretch them very gently as tendon ruptures are more common with PsA patients.

This is such a fun disease...(sarcasm)

I am laughing all the way to the rheum, surgeons , docs, RMT's and physio's Bwahahahahahahahahahah :) :) :) :) always something going on. Gotta laugh about it.

My shoulder doc said he was going to reserve a parking spot for me since I'm there a lot...I'm seeing three different specialists, shoulder, ankle and wrist, in the same office. I'm going to ask about a frequent patient discount the next time I'm in there.

good idea. :) In Canada it is free for appt.s we just have to wait. It scares the liver out of me (good thing too cause of the meds I take LOL) I can get in to see my rheum pretty fast. Like in 2 days if I need too. I take my meds and try not to need too. :) The surgeon same thing but then PsA gave me not one but two NEW and BETTER knees. This is why I fear the disease and not the meds. I am trying to keep the rest of my joints longer :) I like my old bones .

LOL! I received a NEW and BETTER shoulder last year. I'm definitely with you on fearing the disease and not the meds mantra. I'm flying up to Saskatoon next week for a few days of work and I'm gonna freeze my arse's in the mid 80's here in Austin. I would move to Canada but I don't think I could tolerate the cold.