I hope everybody is doing good and it seems like the group has gotten more members

Just had some major work done to my neck thank to psa.

they took out all my discs took out part of vertebtates and fused from c2-c8. On the mend now just chilling and waiting for bones to fuze and heal

Hope everybody i doing good i tell yinz one thing sick of this cold and snow

Good luck healing up from what sounds like pretty major surgery. Hope the fused joints offer you some relief. Spring can't get here fast enough!

Amen to that

The Woolly Bear Caterpillar and Farmer's Almanac were right on and its relentless with one more snowstorm coming in tomorrow. I am ready to relocate to sidney Aussie to get away from it

Thanks I can feel a difference within 3 weeks my fine motor skills are back in my hands

still having nuscle spasms from hell though i still have a way to go with rehab but ille get er done