Greetings from Camp!

I'm having an amazing week! I think it helps that I can take pain meds 24/7 if I need to! We're at camp in New Hampshire and are having a fabulous time. I think I've used my canes for part of one day, but other than that have been walking all over the place. It feels SO good to be feeling so good (still a lot of pain, but energy levels are up and my body seems to be cooperating). I may try a hike to "Jackman Ridge" tomorrow - a totally crazy thought just weeks ago!

We leave the day after tomorrow and I just don't want to go. I LOVE this place and would love to spend the Summer here, if not live here. My oldest three are in resident camp, so we'll pick them up tomorrow morning - we'll see one of them in a play tonight, along with our 6 year old who is going to day camp.

We've started saying goodbye to people today- some are leaving today or tomorrow. It's been sad. I feel so blessed not only to have this place to come to each Summer, which truly feels like home, but to have this week of relative health this year to fully enjoy our week. Last year I sat around A LOT, was in pain most of the time (even on pain meds), and didn't get to LIVE the experience like I'd wanted.

Love to all - I'll be back to responding to posts SOON!!!

Hey nym!

So nice to hear from you, so glad you are getting around pretty well, didn't hear you mention the chair once, and that is fabulous news.

Sounds like you have a great place, with familiar, like-minded folks to enjoy! Surely the kids are having a ball!

We miss you, but are glad you were able to go and have such a good time!



Enjoy it !


I totally crashed for an hour and a half this afternoon. All of a sudden my body said, ENOUGH! and I made it to my air mattress and was asleep in seconds. After my nap, I felt refreshed and continued with my day, taking it easy the rest of the day. We went to the play 2 of my kids were in tonight and they did great! We pick up the three oldest from resident camp in the morning, and then have a laid back day of beach fun planned ... and staying up late and eating campfire goodies tomorrow night - our last night at camp. My parents will be joining us.

Nym, so good to hear you are enjoying your camp!! It does feel good to be able to enjoy vacation. I am on vacation as well and have had my ups and downs but enjoy just the same. Like you said it helps to be able to take the pain meds 24/7 if needed. Continue to enjoy and safe trip home!!

How awesome it all sounds. I'm totally jealous. Hiking and the outdoors are the best. Glad to hear that PsA isn't greatly affecting your experience. I, for one, would really appreciate if you post some pictures of God's beautiful portrait!