Hey Strangers!

Hello everyone, I know I have been gone a long time but it's been a crazy summer for me! Travel for work and the most wonderful vacation ever! There is nothing better than getting to spend your vacation with your daughter, her husband and your twin grandbabies oh and the rest of your family, there were 26 of us who just went to the beach together! But the flip side to my travels is when I was in Nebraska and I told them I was in Illinois that they really wondered about my sanity. OK, so maybe I have lost it or just don't really know where I was! Maybe I have been gone from home too long!

I am sorry to read that some of you are having so many problems, please know that you are all in my thought and prayers now with thoughts that you will soon be feeling good.

I see my neurosurgeon on Tuesday about my surgery. I am feeling good about it I think. LOL as good as anybody can feel about back surgery.

So question here: if you are doing something really stupid like skiing and you jump a wake and land on a ski someone has dropped and you really hurt your knee but it is so much better but now your ankle and foot are so swollen which was not before, what is this? I know that everyone may say it is PSA but is it really? Maybe the knee injury triggered it, maybe not. OK so I am reaching, was not hurt when knee was but is now.

Missed you guys, can't say my schedule is slowing down, I have lots of trips planned thru Dec 1st. Think about you and wish you all well!

Hugs and kisses to all from MAT

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Good for you! You certainly could have triggered the ankle and foot, but if it just happened super recently, could the swelling be even more directly related?

You said you're going to have back surgery. . . What are they planning? When?