Hi Peeps

Long time no talk to. Surgery went very well, I am doing great. A few problems but all is well! I know I am bad but I have missed you guys, just did not stay in touch. Forgive me, I have missed you!

And we’ve missed you … glad you’re back. And how IS your back?

Thank you, I am dong great. No pain, no numbness in my leg! It is this the most amazing feeling, I cannot believe it! It is just the best ever! I don't know about my surgeon and other than being totally hot he is apparently very good! He rocks! He has me on part time work for now, but I really think I could go back full time, I am doing so well. I can actually lift and hold those babies - they are at 19 1/2 pounds now and will be a year old on Feb 6th, can you believe it? Walking, talking, doing all of those baby things, being a grand mommy is the best cure for anything!

Awwww... that is amazing.... u cherish and treasure them... they grow up soooo fast....

Take care


Wonderful! Always good to hear such good news. And being able to hold your grandchildren. . . That's priceless!

Nice to know you’re on the mend courtesy of Dr. McHottie!