Hip, hip, hurray!

It's been six weeks since my hip replacement, and after hours of daily physio exercises (ugh) my new hip feels, well, like MY hip. I can walk, roll over in bed, sit down and stand up (he he even from the toilet!), and drive the car again. I'm off painkillers and off crutches. It's truly amazing what a good surgeon can do these days!

Three weeks ago, I started Enbrel, and I'm feeling mentally better, and physically more energetic, than I have for a very very long time. At first, I thought it was placebo effect. For a while I wrote it off to being out of pain. Then I thought it was the advent of spring. Sunshine. Flowers. But no, I really do think I may be getting better. More time will tell, and I hope saying this doesn't jinx it!

Finally, I fired my rheumatologist. You know, the one who said my PsA wasn't bad enough to warrant a biologic. And then the surgeon said that my bone-on-bone hip damage looked inflammatory. I got mad and got a second opinion from a university-affiliated PsA research clinic. They said my disease was severe, and the damage considerable. They prescribed a biologic, thank goodness.

Is that a glimmer of light I see? Time and patience will tell.

I am so, so glad for you, Seenie! You have earned the right to feel wonderful after so many years of active disease! Yipee!

Happy, clappy dance for you!! <3

Awesome Seenie!!! :)

How fantastic! And what a great time of year to be feeling better and continually improving!

This is wonderful news Seenie, I am so happy for you!

You so deserve this Seenie x so happy that your new hip is a success and the enbrel is doing its job :slight_smile: and well done on firing that quack!

Congratulations Seenie, I hope it just keeps getting better!

This is great news!

Thanks, everyone, but I meant to post this in the Blogs section. Don’t know how it got on the discussion board!

What about the MTX? Are you going to be "Spitting the Spat" again? Its a shame to waste such a critical skill cleaning closets......

Well, yes, Lamb, totally agree … I’'m getting back on the MTX wagon again, because if it gives a boost to the Enbrel it will be worth it. But I intend to continue practising my skills with moderation, monitor my liver regularly, and see what happens. I am not resuming Arava. Somewhere there is a balance between therapy and a reasonable lifestyle.

Oh Seenie, I am so happy for you. Its been such a long road and now you are finally reaping the benefits of so many years of pain. I hope you and your hubby get to do some travelling this summer and enjoying ever moment of it. Here's to hoping this good feeling stays around for a long long time

Congrats Friend!

How awesome! I am so glad you are better! Keep it up girlie! Keep me posted. I don't keep up much anymore, but it so fab to see a post like this! Kisses and hugs to you! I do think of you often and am so glad things are better. The biologic is working somwehat for me and I hope you get the same or better than me! Will post you a personal message soon, I have fab news!

What great news for you, here’s to continued improvement.

Glad you and your new joint are working well together! Nice to hear you are well. :slight_smile:

I'm so glad you're feeling so well Seenie !!!