Good vibes

Could anyone use some good vibes?

I definitely could. I'm in a fairly big flare, took my last pred of my burst today, and have a Remi infusion with an upped dose tomorrow. I'm praying I react well to the higher dosage and don't have any complications - AND that I can get everything done that I need to do afterwards, as we're leaving for camp on Saturday!!! Three of my kids are going to resident camp, one to day camp, and one will hang out with my husband and I at family camp. It's going to be an amazing week - if I feel ok. Any good thoughts/prayers you can send my way are appreciated.

Anyone else need some good vibes?

Have a wonderful time at camp! Hopefully the fresh air and good company will do you good.

Sending good vibes, I'm probably too late, but you'll need them when you get home, too. Don't forget to ask for what you need and that goes for everyone of us!