Hey Guys!

I know, I am so bad about keeping in touch lately but life is crazy, my travel schedule is insane. I am sorry to see so many of you are having problems, I read your posts but don't take the time to respond. I am sorry to see so many of you are having problems, but please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

It is really weird for me now. Parts of me are doing great, but for the first time in months I am having a huge outbreak with P. It's been so wonderful since starting Humira 9 months ago but now I have an outbreak on my scalp, forehead and hands, my evil spots. Also my hands and foot are giving me screaming fits with my PsA, but I'm guessing this is a flare and at some point it will all pass.

Saw my neurosurgeon recently and I will have surgery Dec 6th to remove the cyst and fuse my spine. He promises me that I will be so much better with the surgery. Really?

On a happy note my grandbabies are doing wonderful! Both boys weigh about 14 pounds now and their doctor is so pleased with their progress. Both are starting to do the crawling thing - you know where they get the position and rock back and forth - getting ready - watch out Deb!

Have a few more work trips planned and a trip to NY for my favorite cousin's 50th and then hubby and I are heading to Scotland for our 5th anniversary trip. Excited!

Tell me what is going on with you? I do miss you guys and am sorry I am not a better friend on this site.

Take care everyone and know that even though I don't respond you are all still close to my heart!

Love, MAT

Mat, I know we don't know each other as I have only been a member of this forum for the past 9 or 10 months, but I love reading your posts when you get the chance to write on here. You are always so upbeat and positive and I love hearing about your grandbabies, you are indeed very blessed! I am sorry you are currently going through a rough patch and hopefully this flare will soon be over and you can find some relief. Is this your first trip to Scotland? I have always wanted to go there, hope you take lots of pictures and post some to your page. Take care and happy, safe travels!


Scotland? Do you need a list of distillaries??????