Such a great week!

First I want to thank all of my new friends for their words of encouragement and your support as I went thru a really bad time recently. I had never had a flare like that and it meant a lot to me that you guys were there with just a hello and thinking about you message as well as sharing your advise and experiences. It really did help to know that some people do understand what I was going thru and just wanted to let me know they were thinking about me!

I am doing so much better. I took my 5th Humira injection yesterday and I can honestly say I haven't felt this great in a while. I am actually typing with 2 hands! Of course I have also been on the prednisone for the past week to help with the flare. So I'm guessing a combination of both.

I went shopping today and was able to walk around the shopping center without any problems! Of course I was buying things for Deb's baby shower next weekend. I have to tell you I bought the cutest pair of little sneakers - well OK two of them - for the boys. Of course I get home and my husband is like really, shoes for newborns? Ok, so silly but they are so cute and will look adorable with the outfits I bought them! And they really aren't for newborns but for 3 month olds! Planning ahead!

Packing now to leave for SC tomorrow. Not looking forward to this as it is a 5 1/2 hour drive tomorrow, train Tuesday and Wednesday, drive 2 hours, train Thursday, drive 4 hours home. The driving distances seem to make it hard. I do have my doctor's appt with my ortho before I leave tomorrow so it will be interesting what he has to say about my back.

I do have a question. I saw my regular MD last week too for yet another problem I seemed to have recently developed - really psa - I don't know about you guys but I am so over these other added problems that come along with this disease that I so did not know about. He suggested I get hand splints - totally not what I was there for but he noticed I was having a really hard time signing my name to the consent form. Do you guys use them and do they help? Just a reminder, my hands are the worst part of my psa, I have 7 fingers that are deformed and 2 more thinking about it. My rheumy did just put my foot in a brace for a few weeks but has never suggested anything for my hands so just curious.

I hope you all have had a good week. And I wish us all a great week to come! My new philosophy is one week at a time.

I wonder if you might want to see a specialist to be fitted for hand splints. You may even do well seeing an OT for this. What was his purpose for the splints exactly?