Good Week/Bad or Change Week

First the good news! Babies turned one on Thursday, can you guys believe it? What a year, those little babies are two perfectly healthy, happy, thriving baby boys! Hitting all of their markers, the only way you would know they were such premies is that they are a little small, but walking, talking, doing all they should. We are so thankful!

Now the other. Visit with rheumy last week. As she told me in October Methotrexate/Humira combo wasn't working. Was off all meds in December for back surgery (which I am recovering great from). I have been back at work the past 2 weeks - well except work travel is still a No No but expect to be back with that in my March visit. Back on meds in January until I saw her the other day. She has decided to switch the Humira to Remicade. Of course I am now waiting for insurance approval (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC) but she feels confident that I will be approved.

So my question is this, what should I expect from Remicade? Will be on the Methotrexate/Remicade combo now. I guess I am a little disappointed, I really thought I was doing so much better, but apparently not - granted for the past few months my hands have been really bad but I really thought it was just a flare.

Thyroid levels were off so they increased my dosage and of course Vitamin C and D were off also so those have been increased as well. But the good news is kidney, liver and bone marrow functions are still great.

I'm not giving up my positive attitude that you guys helped me achieve, but I am feeling a little blue. So many positive things in my life and then there is PsA. I am wondering if I stop Humira and start Remicade will that cause any change in my psoriasis? I have been clear for the past year, only one tiny outbreak on my scalp!

Thanks for all of your support and messages as I went thru my surgery, it meant a lot to me to hear from you guys!

It's great to "see" you!!! Yay for good news! Time flies, doesn't it?

It sounds like you're heading in the right direction with treatment. Tweaking thyroid meds and Vit. D can help with energy and mood. Great news on kidney, liver and bone marrow function!

I'm on Remicade and am one of the rare ones that has increased psoriasis because of it, but it's not a crazy increase. Everyone responds differently. Remicade made a HUGE difference in my ability to do just about everything. It was a crazy feeling when it really started working - I went hiking and didn't flare afterwords... went on a longer hike and didn't flare afterwards ... went on a VERY steep hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the morning, swimming and kayaking in the afternoon, and to evening events (at camp), and was exhausted and a bit sore having used muscles that hadn't been used in a while, but good. I hope you have a great response to it!!!

Hard to believe, isn’t it, MAT, that just over a year ago we were taking bets on a birth date! And we were all wrong. So glad that they are doing so well.

It sounds like you’re doing well too, up to a point. Great news about Dr. Hotties handiwork! Now just to get the PsA meds right! I’m impressed with your rheumatologist, that she was ready to switch your meds pretty promptly. Two thumbs up for that! Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good team of docs on your side.

Thanks for the update, it’s always nice to get good news. I’m sorry I can’t comment on the switch from one bio to another. No experience here with that. But you know this board, there’s always someone who knows about almost anything you could ask!

Glad to hear that you're healing well from you're surgery. I'm so impressed with how well your grandbabies have done. . . Quite impressive.

No help on the med question, but nice to see you.

Thanks ladies, great to hear from you. So nice to know you didn’t forget me! Hopefully someone can give me pointers/advise about Remicade, I just don’t want an outbreak, it has been so great without one! Oh Nym I love the White Mountains, we have a family ski house in Thornton NH! I love skiing there. We ski, skate all the slopes, wish I could have gone this year!

Hi MAT! so good to hear the babes are thriving! As to your Remicade question… I have been on HuMira, Enbrel, Simponi & now Remicade with MTX. I had residual psoriasis creep up every year with all except the Remicade. This is the first winter that I haven’t had to refill my topical scripts for my skin! The Remicade/MTX combo has been the best for me for both joints & skin. Best Wishes to you as you begin the next phase of treatment.

So apparently you solved the "supervisor" problem Matt.. Thats good. Great news about the babies, but without a picture.......