Awesome Doctor Visit, Great Progress

Hi everyone. I hope that everyone here is having a great day! I had a great appointment with rheumy today. I just had my 4th infusion of Remicade yesterday and saw rheumy today. Keep your fingers crossed but it looks like Remicade is working for me. The only down side is my psoriasis is coming back, it was controlled with Humira but not so much now. But I will take having to use the meds for psoriasis if it means that Remicade is going to make me feel so much better. I am actually typing this message, not speaking it!

Now that my hands are so much better I am actually going to get to babysit the twins for the whole weekend! I am so excited! For those who know the story, the twins are doing great, walking, talking, perfect babies! Can you believe they are almost 15 months old? They are still a little small and underweight for their age, but not to far. We spent last weekend at the beach house opening it up for the season and it was so much fun even though the weather sucked, we spent time on the beach and on the boat. Boys loved it all! Children are fun but grandbabies are the best thing you will ever have!

Anyway I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and let you know how things are going. I am starting to travel again since my surgery and you know how that will be, I will be in and out. But I am so excited, took my first trip last week and while the flight to the west coast was a little tough, I made it! Just booked my next 6 trips so keep me in your thoughts that all will be well on those.

So enough about me, what is going on with you guys?