Hello Strangers!

While I have been away a very long time, you guys are never long from my thoughts and prayers. I have missed you! I do sometimes read the posts but not really a lot. Someone here once told me as I was doing better I would find less time to post here, and you were right. Life is somewhat good, I am not here to complain tonight, I just wanted to pop in and say hello to old friends and let you know your words of advice have always paid off!

I do hope that you are all having some of the success I am having. Humira didn't work for me so I have been switched to Remicade. Now MTX pills aren't working so I am switching to the shots. Hopefully that will work. I am so much better, it is amazing.

I am traveling so much now it is crazy, but I am now able to stand, teach and do my job. Before you start to hate me, I have been thru it all. I am going to tell you to keep at it, find something that works for you. Listen to these people, they have wonderful advise!

On a side note for some of you...twins are now 19 months old (can you believe it) and are perfectly healthy, happy toddlers and wear me out. And now.....she is pregnant again, I am going to be a Mimi again soon! Due date is 2/9/15. I will be taking bets again on weight and date. I will give another donation to Ben's Friends in honor of the person who gets it right. And yes peeps, it only one this time, so all bets should be good - as opposed to last time when they came 10 weeks early and screwed us all up!

Place your bets now! Good luck to all!

Mary Anne

Sorry I made the donation to the Psoriatic Arthritis Foundation in honor of Ben's Friends, not directly to Ben's Friends. I also matched the donation to UNC Children's Hospital where my babies spent 10 weeks. Sorry, didn't mean to mislead anyone. Really tired here and didn't mean to make false statements here!

Mat its great to hear your news on your health status and that the twins are going great :slight_smile: Love good news like this so thanks for sharing it with us xxx

MAT! I’ve been trying to catch up with a few old friends who’ve gone off the radar, and you were one of them. So glad to hear that things are going well for you, and on the grandbaby scene. Hard to imagine, isn’t it, that not so long ago you were wondering whether you could continue with your job at all. You’re living proof that it does get better with appropriate treatment and lifestyle management.

Two thumbs up, girlfriend! BTW, if you are behind on the board news, you should update yourself on Louise Hoy’s latest activities. :wink:

based on a 14 year study of mares in Great Britain

The new one was concieved on May 19. being as that was a Monday I'm guessing it was actually Sunday evening late after finally getting the twins down early and getting a nice breather. That would have been about 10:30 PM which would have been an 83% Waning Gibbous Moon. Which interestingly enough according to the Study would have been your daughters third most fertile Day Fri or Sat nite (97" and 91% waning Gibous) being the first and second most fertile.

According to the study The most likley time for birth is a matching phase meaning the Moon is 9 - 18 days old Waxin - waning gibous) SO If they had a wild Sat nite insread of a relaxing Sun Night Statistically speaking based on thouroughbred Mares in Great Britain She should go into ACTIVE Labor Sat night and with an average labor of 8 hours for a second birth and the new one should appear Sunday Morning about 6:00 AM. It will be 8 pounds 4 oz

My secondary case is a schecduled C-Section 10:00 AM Thurs. Feb 5. But then this is why all 9 of my kids are adopted my head would have burst trying to figure out when they would actually appear or the old University main Frame would have gone up in smoke.

Glad to hear from you and Glad to see you traveling again. AND especially glad to see that standing up to your boss (which has been a recent subject here) really does work out. I gotta know is the bitchy one gone???? I have to believe if she tried to throw you under the buss, she would have tried it with another wrong choice and "is exploring options elsewhere in the industry"

Neeeeiiiiighghhhhhh. You're a funny one, lamb.

tntlamb said:

based on a 14 year study of mares in Great Britain