I Know It's Been A While

But I just wanted to say Hello and I hope you are all doing well. It's just been a few insane weeks for me. Aven was born at 27 weeks and 3 days. He came in at 2.3 pounds. As of today his PDA has not closed but he is now at 24% Oxygen, he has had 5 transfusions but his blood is good now at 39. He now weighs 3,10 so grow Aven! Thank you so much to all of you who have kept him in your prayers and I hope you will continue to do so! Your comments really mean a lot to me. And yes none of us guessed the right day so I will just make a donation for all of us in his name, thanks for all who wanted to play again.

I'm now trying remicade and methotrexate injections, I am so looking for the best. It is not there yet. Any comments about this combo, what should I expect? I don't feel it is working for me.

Sorry I have been gone so long but work is crazy, love you and think about you guys often!

Mary Anne

It's great to "see" you! It sounds like Aven is growing well! I will continue to hold all of you in our prayers.
I was on Remicade (without mtx) and found it took a while to really start doing its thing, but once it started working, it was wonderful. But as you know, it's different for everyone. Finding the dosage and timing that worked for me took ages - for me, going more frequently was necessary.
Thanks for updating!