Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! Life is so good now with my baby boys. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We are not home yet, tomorrow will be 7 weeks and we hope they will be home by the weekend. Now let's get on to business, what is going in your lives, Details? Thank you to all of you who are supporting me and my family! Those of you who aren't that's OK with me too, I'm not offended. Sorry, but I have been a little preoccupied but now I'm ready to move one, Let's talk, what is going on with everyone, how are you doing? Please don't make me read thru all the old posts, tell me how you are!

I am so glad to hear that the babes are doing well! I believe I told you that my new niece went home last week? She was born with an opiate addiction, but now she is home with her new mom and dad and they are feeling so lucky and blessed. They finally have the baby that they have wanted for for a long time :-).
I went back to work last week and worked an amazing 40 hours! I can’t believe I made it, but I did. It was TOUGH going on several,days, but somewhere I found the strength to power through.
I will be giving myself my first methotrexate injection on Friday. I am a little nervous about it because of the side effects, but I am really hopeful that it will help me, especially with it working together with remicade. The remicade IS working. I have had 3 good weeks out of the last 6. Now the rheum and I are trying to get it fine tuned so maybe I can have a fe more good weeks. I still have a lot of pain, but now I have some hope to go along with it!
Let me know when da babies come home! And post a picture already!

Hey, MAT, it’s great that the boys are doing well. Wasn’t this about the time they were supposed to be born? Have they caught up to a reasonable birth weight?
I’m doing well. Early in March, I went to the specialty PsA clinic in Toronto. My rheumatologist had said that my disease was not severe enough for a biologic, and I wanted a second opinion. The specialists’ specialists said that my disease was, in fact, severe and my joint damage considerable. They recommended a biologic asap.
Later in March, I had my right hip replaced. All along, my GP had said that my knees (already replaced) and my hip were “just” OA. My surgeon suspected the damage was inflammatory, that is to say PsA. The proof came during surgery: my pelvis was so terribly inflamed, that when they drilled into it, I lost two litres of blood. Anyway, I’ve recovered well: I’m off my crutches and my painkillers and life without hip pain is very good.
This week I started on Enbrel. No change in the pain in my hands and feet, but I think I’m imagining that I feel better and I have more energy. I know about the placebo effect, LOL! I’m just hoping for better days!
What’s the latest in your life