Hello Strangers!

I know it's been quite some time since I have been here but life has just been so hectic. Hubby and I went on our wonderful trip and then I had lots of work travel this fall also. But now it's all come to a stop. I did decide to have the back surgery and it's scheduled for Dec 6th - all my travel this fall made me decide that it really needed to be done now instead of putting it off any longer. The down side is I have had to come of my meds and I guess I really didn't know just how much they were helping until I've been off of them. Never thought I would say I miss my methotrexate and humira so much! At my last appointment with the rheumy she told me humira is not working like she expected so she is going to change me in February when I can start taking them again. Little depressing to have to start over again. Then of course the South has been hit by this ridiculously cold weather which has made the last few days miserable.

Going to spend a few days with Deb and the babies so that is certainly going to make any pain I'm having feel better!

Nice to catch up with some of you tonight.

Take care everyone!

Best of luck with your surgery. I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands but they only did one at a time. The entire time I was off my infusions. I wanted to cry. I will pray for your to heal quickly so you can get back on your meds ASAP. Keep us posted.

I wish you the best of luck with the surgery.