Hey Peeps

So how is everyone? Let's talk about all of us! What exciting is going on, anything we should know about? Tell al!, don't be shy! Don't think about the negatives, positives work better!

Well, my husband took over my hammock this afternoon, I think he needs his own and Father's Day is coming up so.....

I think I got a bad batch of Enbrel, since I started injecting my current shipment of meds I'm in the worst flare ever, just about as bad as when I was first dx. NOTHING is touching it. I finally reported it to the Enbrel support people and they took down the info for FDA oversight.

School is out in a month, then I have a VERY busy summer with summer camps for both my kids. My oldest is taking 2 computer science camps, and a month long camp for kids with Asperger's (his 3rd summer). My other one is doing a general summer camp 2 days / week.

I was hoping to get out to the Oregon coast before the summer camp stuff hits, but with my flare my husband doesn't want to plan anything. It's frustrating.

Hope it's ok to share this, its not so much related to my PsA, but Ive suffered from severe depression for many years and have been on disability for years but.......I recovered and I just got a job as a Peer Support Mental Health Rehab worker. I'm really excited to be able to start giving back a little :)