Tummy issues from NSAIDs?

Hello everyone,

So I have had tummy troubles for the last, oh longer than I’d wish, while and I am wondering if it could be from NSAIDs or made worse by them.
I am on medication for ibs but sometimes I feel like it is not enough.

I take NSAIDs regularly, (mainly naproxen) but once the Humira kicks in I will stop or cut back significantly. I believe I’ve heard that naproxen is one of the harder meds on the tummy. I’ve tried meloxicam before did nothing for me, and Celebrex makes me super stoned.

My tummy has been so upset the last few days, it’s been sore and upset all last night :confused:

Thank you in advanced!!

I should clarify, my tummy has been sore just above my belly button, along with lower parts, but I’m pretty used to that pain and it’s not really out of the ordinary… LOL

For me, naproxen was the absolute worst. I was on it in the late 70s when it was prescription-only. As I remember, it cost more than my rent (OK, that was in a student slum) and it gave me the worst belly pain ever. Yes, that stuff can get you, and get you good.

Some folks will suggest taking it with Pepcid or Prilosec. Much better than developing a GI bleed, although I've ben told long-term use of those antacids an be problematic, too.

Hope the Humira kicks in soon, and you can scrap the naproxen.

I have some pretty painful ulcers going, which my PCP said are likely from the MTX and NSAID combo (was on meloxicam, now diclofenac the past 2 months). I have tried going without the diclofenac, but the pain was more than I could handle, so the PCP recommended ranitidine and Mylanta in addition to switching me from omeprazole to pantoprazole. The PPI switch does seem to have made a difference. I also had to make some dietary changes to prevent the ulcers from worsening/being aggravated, like cutting down on coffee and not eating spicy or acidic foods. It's boring, but my insides are grateful.