Horrible week!

Had terrible joint pain on wednesday the terrible nuaseau on thursday (possibly due to my weekly dose of methotrexate) Woke up on friday morning with a cold then had terrible stomach pain for about ten hours costing me a trip to the emergency room. Doctors says that the pain is due to the anti-inflammatories being too strong for my stomach.Any suggestions with regards to anti-inflammatory meds?

Hey JoJo...I have had alot of problems with these things too. Celebrex gave me an ulcer in the past, which the COX2 inhibitors are not supposed to do. I could not take them at all for many years, but recently have had some success with Meloxicam, HOWEVER, I have to make sure I take it RIGHT AFTER I eat, and I mean RIGHT AFTER! For some reason, if I don't take it on my FULL stomach, I still get stomach upset. It provides me with a bit of relief but has not been the strongest of the anti inflammmatories that I have taken, but it has been the only one that I have been able to take at all since I got the ulcer from Celebrex. You could ask your doctor about a stomach protector to take in conjunction with the anti-inflammatories, ie, pantoloc, this works for some people.

Hope this helps.

Yes a stomach protector is a must! That is the first med i take in the morning. it works best on an empty stomach one hour before meals