Life after 25 years of nsaids

So Ive been taking ibuprofen for PSA for years. About a year ago my symptoms got much worse and I had to up the dose to 3200mg. This helped but my rhuemy put me on enbrel 3 weeks ago. Its been working so I was trying to ween of the ibuprofen. After 2 weeks on enbrel I was able to lower the ibuprofen to 3 a day. Then after taking ibuprofen dose a few days ago I had horrible stomach pains and at 5 in the morning had to go to the hospital. I was there for 2 days. I think Im ok, stomach wise, but I can no longer take any nsaids.

The enbrel alone is helping but stopping ibuprofen cold turkey has taken me a couple steps back. My question is do you all think the enbrel effectiveness will keep getting better? Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so what did you do without the nsaids?

I'm curious about something. My rule is that if I'm taking NSAIDs, I need to also be taking Prilosec. I've been doing this for almost 6 years now, and so far so good, my stomach has been protected. Is this something that your doctor might be willing to do after your stomach has had some recovery time?

Another thought. . . If it's limited joints, could you switch over to Voltaren, which is a topical NSAID, thereby lowering your overall exposure?

Im on prilosec now. The doc told me no more nsaids. I havnt talked about this yet with my rhuemy, not sure what he'll want to try.

How effective is the voltran?

I have to say, I was using the Voltaren for a while on my hands and wrists, and was very happy with it. When I started getting too much additional pain and inflammation, I had to switch back to the oral NSAID. It was a bit of a hassle, in terms of waiting for it to dry, but it worked so well that I didn't mind it too much. It IS still an NSAID, but it is directed at the joints that are hurting. It may be worth bringing it up.

Why did your doc. wait years to start you on something more than NSAIDs? I’m just on NSAIDs and am so confused about when is it “bad enough” to start some other treatment. What do you think?

Hi Clr -

My symptoms were mild with just the ibuprofen for years. Just the past couple of years my PSA has gotten much worse. I think deciding if its " bad enough" is solely up to you. Personely, I wish I had started enbrel sooner.

My experience was that Enbrel made a really noticeable difference very quickly (in weeks like you), but that 5 months on, my good days are still getting better!

I cannot take NSAIDS unless absolutely necessary due to liver issues that have yet to be diagnosed. I find I can manage pain with tramadol, and the Remicade I'm on helps a lot. When I do get a crazy amount of swelling during a flare, I usually get put on a burst of prednisone.