I have never had such a miserable night trying to sleep! Missing another day of work because I hurt so bad and can't think straight! To make it worse, it's my own fault :( I have not taken any anti=inflammatories since last Monday because my first appt with my new Rheum is tomorrow and I didn't want the blood tests skewed!

I'm still using the topicals for my Psoriasis but seems to be causing more hair loss!

My husband is working full-time and then is working a 2nd job from home to make ends meet. Guilty, miserable, frustrated. :(

Sorry for dumping....just had to elt it out!

Make sure you TELL your doc what you did and why. You logic is good but....... You likley will have bad numbers but unless you fess up, his response will likely be "lets try some NSAIDs" make it clear they helped sort of.

Also if this sleep thing is a regular problem, you might ask him about adding a tricyclic at bed time As little as 25mg (far below the therapeutic dose for "depression) of amitriptyline will not only allow a great nights sleep but pay huge dividends doe pain management through the day. Granted most of the research is for RA but their is enough out there that this is pretty common arrow in the treatment quiver.

A week or so of "sleeping with Amy" seems to reset things for several afterwards, besides I just love the look on my wifes face when I tell a buddy of mine I'm sleeping with Amy.

Thanks for the advice....didn't think about that! I will be sure to let him know....my other issue with NSAIDS is I can only take so much for so long....really tears up my stomach...even with Prilosec and yogurt

So sorry to hear you're going through this, sunshine! Lamb has excellent points about the test results - please do make sure you tell your doc about the stomach issues as well. I wish you well at your appointment and hope you get exactly what you need - and a good night's sleep!