Tuesday March 4th

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I slept too late but it was sunny alot and that made me feel pretty good. But today did some chores that i could and it was grey and cloudy and I could feel it coming sure enough now it is raining constant the humidity is high and the old kitty and I feel our arthritis giving us pain and inflammation. This is supposed to be a good storm with mudslides and avalanches and wind. I am hunkered down in my blanket with the fireplace going to dry the air up a little. At least I am feeling good in my throat and nose with this cold that is almost gone. Sometime later this week I will start up on my Humira again. But even though I have been off of it for a few weeks I am glad to say my fingers still are clear and I am happy about that. My feet are so so. They are a bit dry and itchy but they are not spliting open yet with deep sores. I use the shea butter and it works real good. I have not had to use the Vanos cream for a couple of weeks.

I am going to stay warm and read a book and write some letters. :) And be the kitties personal heating pad.

:) Thank you Sybil for sharing your story with me. It was very sweet and made me smile. You can share your stories with me anytime. I love to hear from you. Our furry friends are so important and I feel that they are even more important to us that have health issues. And if that pet suffers with a similar situation as us, maybe it makes for some strange and special kind of bonding. If the ground wasnt wet, I swear I am the kind of person that would just roll right into the gutter with him and stuck my legs and arms in the air feigning my false and silly demise. I have days like that anyway.

As for moving to a sunnier place? You bet! Every day I dream about that little place i would like in the desert near Lake Havasu. But I would like to come back here to the NW for the summer and beginning of fall because then the weather is perfect here. I think my hubby is going to send me back down there for a visit next year in the winter.