Today will be a good day!

Well Yesterday was a really bad day so I decided not to blog and to keep all my negative mean thoughts to myself :) Monday was my Doctors appointment and as planned after 3 months of methotrexate doing very little to nothing for me we are going to start Humira, which I am nervous but really excited about, so I did all the tests that are needed to clear me to start Humira, chest x-ray, tb testing and blood work and today I am going into the Doctors office to have my results read to me and hopefully if all goes well get my perscription for Humira!

Yesterday however my outlook was not so bright, It was a very hard day for me, I was sore all over and worse than normal the soles of my feet were more sore than they had ever been I was swollen and sore in almost every joint my entire left arm and shoulder were throbing from the cortisone shot my Doctor gave me and walking was pretty much immpossible for me so after a really crappy morning and day and very little sleep I realized it was also my Methotrexate day and that put me in a really foul mood so when I went to bed last night I took all the pain meds I could and prayed for a better tommorow.

So when I woke up this morning after sleeping through the night I was pretty excited, then I sat up and realized that I wasnt as stiff as I normally am and that made me a little more excited but when I stood up and didnt have a shooting pain through my entire right knee and leg and the soles of my feet didnt feel like someone had ran them over I was so excited I couldnt contorl myself from starting to cry in excitement. Even my oldest son said "wow Mommy, your walking better today!"

I feel like I can do this again, after a day like yesterday I was really questioning myself and my strength and doubting weather I could truly get through this and make it through all the pain and make it to the day when I find a medicine that works for me I know that this will be a long journey and there will always be up days and down ones but I pray for more up days than down

Yay!! I am glad you had a good day. I am so glad I am reading these blogs, they make me happy for others and realize myself that we just have to take every day as it comes. I may be hexing myself, but I am having an entire good week (PsA wise anyway) despite getting some stress news, so far so good. I also have pain in the bottom of my feet as you mentioned - having just started with this group, I hadn't heard anyone mention that symptom and wasn't sure if it was part of this PsA thing or something else. The more I find out about others situations, the clearer mine becomes. I want to thank you and everyone else on this site for helping me understand my situation and hopefully I will be able to help y'all out at some point as well. Cheers to you and your good day :)

Spinning Diva, This site has been a god send for me, it has truly been a blessing it has helped me through some very low points and I love being able to log on and ask questions or read questions that other members has posted with something as draining as PsA its is really great to have a place to go to where everyone knows what you are going through and experiencing.

I didnt think that the foot thing was part of the PsA but i went into my rhumeys office with a list of things that have been driving me insane for the last few weeks and to my suprise all of them were due to the PsA even some female issues that I have been having so not only is a site like this important but a really helpful and supportive doctor that you can talk to and feel really comfortable with is also really important.

Prayers for you and more good days to come