My day with pain and sadness

Iv'e alway's have been a positive person sometimes it's hard. My freinds call me a warrior and i find myself just wanting to give up. I know i would hurt a lot of people. My sister is here and she's helping me. My husband and children are supportive. I just became a grandma and my grandson is nine month's. I don't even have the energy to watch him. I thought i would be able to do fun thing's with my grandson. I just changed my meds to humiria and methotrexate from embral and methotrexate. Ive had this horrible desease since i was eight. Im sorry if i sound negative i really don't want to. Does anyone have any tip's of how i get through this?

Donna B, I'm sorry you're feeling so low. The change of biologic from Enbrel to Humira has probably put you back in 'the gap' where you're waiting on the Humira to start working. I wish there was a magic potion for us all to take which made our meds work instantly but until there is the only way we can get through is a day at a time, or even breaking that down into smaller manageable chunks an hour/half a day etc. This helps me quite a bit.

It's great that you've got your sister for company and help, likewise your husband and children. I'm sure your grandson is a joy and you will get back to a place where you can enjoy spending fun times with him.

How about making a list of the things you need help with and see whether you can outsource them (finances permitting). It's made my life (and the bad days) much easier to know that I have someone come alternate weeks to blitz the house, same with a gardener to cut the lawns and keep the garden tidy, when I needed some decorating done the most wonderful lady decorator was recommended to me. Other ideas for practical tasks are using a laundry/ironing service, find a local teenager who will clean your car or your yard for a few dollars pocket-money etc.

Try as well to find something to do which would usually make you happy, sometimes when we're down it helps to 'act as if we're happy' whether it is inviting a friend for a coffee with you at your house, getting your hair cut, having a manicure/pedicure, lighting a scented candle, reading a favourite book, watching a movie, getting your husband to give your back a gentle massage (this is my absolute favourite) .... even just a cuddle with that gorgeous grandson.

I'm struggling at the moment with increasing problems walking and I've felt really churned up inside about it, like I'm grieving for my lost mobility. So I'm going to look in to some counselling sessions as I think being able to offload to someone not involved in my life will help. Maybe this is something you might benefit from ... perhaps tell your doctor how you're feeling and see what he/she can offer.

Most of all be kind to yourself. You are a strong and positive person and you will get over this hump in the road.

Donna, as Jules says, it’s a hump. Or maybe it’s a ditch with steep sides. But yes, switching biologics is difficult – one hasn’t been working, and the other hasn’t started working yet. Not a nice place to be, that’s for sure, and so many of us have been there.
One of my blogs has the title “PsA – Wrecks Your Body and Messes with your Mind”. For me, bbeing relieved of the terrible depression I suffered for so long was just as good as the relief from joint pain that I got from Enbrel. But you’re in another gap, down in another deep ditch: you know there is light and laughter up there, but right now, you’re not seeing it.
Depression is something from which many of us have suffered. For me, it’s an ongoing battle that I usually manage to control. What do you think, might you benefit from some counselling support for the sadness that you’re struggling with? Your doctorss treat your joints, but maybe it’s time to get some TLC for your sadness. Would your family doctor be a good place to start?