Today is a good day NOTHING

Over the last week, I've visited my son's school 4 times. Last Friday and Saturday I went to see my son perform in "Grease." Tuesday I had a board meeting, and Thursday the principal begged me to come in and give a presentation to the entire school about the nonprofit sector as part of their career day (which of course, I did.) While going to a school doesn't seem to be a huge deal, visiting this particular school is a nightmare. At the entrance to the school (and the only way to get inside) is a set of 25 concrete steps with no hand rail. Going up and down those stairs so many times, then doing everything I have to do at home combined with not having Remicade (or another biologic) has done a number on my system. I've spent the last few days walking everywhere with a cane because my knees are so bad they keep giving out on me and my lower back is almost constantly spasming. But this morning I woke up with severe pain in my knees (still), severe pain in my lower back (still), AND severe pain in my elbow - the one that is required to support the cane. I'm hurting to the point where I cannot even lay perfectly still without waves of pain washing over me constantly. I'm only sitting at my computer because I have a huge family reunion I'm responsible for planning coming up, and needed to get on my email to confirm some stuff. OMG what am I going to do????

That’s quite a week. It sounds like you need a new word added to your vocabulary, at least for now. The word? No. A lot of people don’t want to say no for fear of hurting other people, but you’re hurting yourself! It’s okay to say that you just can’t.

You are absolutely correct, stoney! So...I told the chair of the board that I cannot attend our upcoming event. Not only am I in no condition to do so, I really can't afford the $200 it would take for my hubby and I to attend. Its too bad in many ways - mostly because the meal looks to be incredible and because I feel like I'm not doing my part in supporting the board of directors for my son's school, but I have to start thinking about what I can and can't do. This was brought home in spades tonight when I had to ask my husband to help me shower and wash my hair. Couldn't lift my right arm high enough to be of any use...AND couldn't bend over or put too much weight on either of my legs at once. I spent the better part of the day laying on the couch in a vicodin stupor. Like clockwork I felt when the meds were wearing off and had to take more. Now I'm heading to bed and hope I can sleep.