Good News

Isn't it great, Good News?

Had a rhemy appointment today. Things are looking good. My only problem is over doing it, using too much energy. Trying to do too much in one day. I need to find a balance in my daily routine. I have developed RLS. Not a surprise though. I self diagnosed that months ago :) Wrists and hands are still healing from yoga flare. Will try the chair yoga soon.

On a personal note. Having a hard time with depression. Seems to hit me from no where. This time is was about my future. My 4 year old will start K in the fall. I know this is great for me, more free time, more time to rest, but I am also feeling an empty nest sadness. He's my only child and soon will be gone during the day. I feel a bit lost with all this extra time. I know! I should be excited, but I need a purpose. I need to feel busy. All this sitting and resting really bothers me. I've started dusting off my old embroidery supplies and started working on a painting. Also thinking of taking a drawing class in the fall and volunteering at the school library. I always wanted to be a librarian. Maybe I can, once Miles is in high school.

Today is a good day.

I bet you could (and would enjoy) volunteering in his classroom, or in the school library--something you would probably love! I always volunteered once our baby started school and I was still a stay-at-home was fun and rewarding!